Top Physical Security Tips for Warehouses, Cargo Handling, Distribution, and Storage Facilities

Physical Security Tips

Warehouses and distribution centers can be home to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars of product at any time. Often, these products are not only valuable but also regulated and must have physical security tips controls in place to prevent theft.

Preventing loss and damage requires solid, tightly controlled physical security tips solutions and practices. Here are our pyhiscal security tips.

Get a Physical Security Tips Evaluation

Before you begin to implement any safety technologies, it is best to have your facility professionally evaluated. Law enforcement or security specialists can advise you about your true risks and security technology professionals can recommend the most effective and affordable technologies and systems to address those needs. Without the right knowledge, it is very easy to overspend and under secure the facility.

Use Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a powerful tool in warehouse security and in decreasing crimes like theft and increasing productivity and adherence to proper procedures. Cover the entire facility, including the perimeter, entrances, parking lots, hallways, and loading docks.

Implement Access Control

Control access to security sensitive areas by using access control technologies. This will help prevent unlawful entry and provide a record of activity.

Install Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection can immediately alert you to a threat that has gained access using the means of force, stealth, or deceit. The earliest possible detection provides valuable time to respond to the threat.

Implement Gate/Telephone Entry and Intercoms

Robust communications at gated entry add an important layer of security at your facility’s perimeter. Gate and telephone entry allows you to control access to the facility, as well as view and communicate with visitors.

Use Emergency Communication and Mass Notification

Should there be a threat, having the ability to inform employees can save lives. Emergency communication and mass notification make it possible to communicate the threat, its nature, location, and provide directions for a response.

Integrate Your Security System

Make the best technologies work even better by ensuring that they can work together. Integrated school security systems provide physical security tips to more benefit with increased control and automated responses to threats.

All security providers are not the same and the one you choose will have a significant impact on the effective implementation of your system. SSP is a true security integrator and ensures that you get the most functionality out of your security systems. For more information give SSP a call today. Headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia, we offer design, installation and service to local, regional and national clients. Call us today for more information! 1-888-540-0175