Video Surveillance: Protect Your Atlanta Dealership 

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A video surveillance system installed in your Atlanta area car dealership has many benefits. First, it increases your security for your property, employees, and customers. Also, video surveillance deters criminals, reduces vandalism, and, if a crime occurs, provides evidence to help police prosecute the perpetrators.

Car Theft in Atlanta

The auto industry has had a wild ride in recent years. Demand is soaring with supply chain issues, semiconductor shortages, and low inventories. With higher demand come opportunities for opportunistic and aggressive thieves. Several states have seen record levels of crime and car robberies in recent years. In 2022, car thefts in Georgia were up slightly, with the overall state having the fifth-highest number of reported car thefts in the country.

Know the Risks in Atlanta Dealership Faces

You need to consider several factors when planning a security system for your car dealership. First, identify your most significant security risks, the best locations to mount cameras, and the types and number of cameras used. Which camera quality works best for a particular area, whether the repair bay, the lot, or the showroom? Scalability is an important consideration for newer and growing dealerships as they grow.

Surveillance System Benefits

A video surveillance system installed in your car Atlanta dealership has many benefits. First, it increases your security for your property, employees, and customers. Video surveillance can also deter criminals, help reduce vandalism, and provide evidence if a crime occurs. On top of that, cameras can help dealerships improve operations by identifying areas for improvement and addressing safety concerns. 

Video Monitoring Solutions

Professional video monitoring enhances the security at your dealership and can reduce overall security costs.

  • Traditional Video Monitoring - Video monitoring lets you monitor your dealership's premises, assets, and employees 24/7. With it, you receive real-time notifications of potential threats. A trained agent verifies the alarm when they get a signal that an event has occurred on your property, and law enforcement is notified.
  • Proactive Video Monitoring - On the other hand, Proactive video monitoring uses advanced analytics to detect potential security threats before they even happen. A video surveillance system uses rules and triggers to alert security personnel when any unusual activity is detected.

Update or Upgrade?

If your car atlanta dealership already has a video surveillance system installed, consider upgrading it. There has been a rapid advancement in camera technology each year. Improvements in picture quality, lenses, mounts, etc., can help atlanta dealership achieve higher security. As a bonus, when you update an older system, you can access newer features, such as smartphone integration, wireless cameras, and advanced video analytics.

Surveillance System Checklist:

  • Is your current system more than five years old?
  • Is your current video resolution high enough?
  • How are the night capabilities of your system?
  • Do you have coverage in all the places your dealership needs?
  • Are there any blind spots?
  • Does your system have a battery backup if the power fails or is cut?

Stay Ahead of Crime with Video Surveillance for Car Dealerships

Car atlanta dealerships need video surveillance, whether installing a new system or upgrading an old one. Protecting your dealership shows your customers, staff, and criminals that you care and mean business. Not only does video surveillance provide a valuable tool for identifying perpetrators, but it can also help car dealerships improve their operations by identifying areas for improvement and addressing safety concerns. By investing in a comprehensive video surveillance system, car atlanta dealerships in Georgia can protect their assets, employees, and customers -- ultimately enhancing their overall business success.

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