Access Control System

In an ideal world teachers can spend their time focused on teaching, and students focused on learning. But today’s world, in many ways, is not ideal and schools need to concentrate on other important things such as keeping the campus as safe as possible.

For our education system to continue to evolve and serve students, its security measures must evolve, too. Here are some important reasons why schools should invest in security and access control systems.

Access Control System

Security Systems Allow You to Monitor Activities

Most schools have more doors and more people that can be managed even with a full security staff. Security systems with video surveillance allow you to monitor the entire campus from one central location, and access alerts let know know when security is breached.

You Can Respond Immediately

When you know what is happening, you can respond swiftly and appropriately whether it is locking the building down, issuing a shelter in place or evacuation sequence.

Access Control Lets You Ditch the Keys

Rather than having dozens of keys floating around, access control allows you to secure buildings or rooms and prevent unauthorized access. Using access control allows you to layer your security, combining credentialing with authentication without the problem of duplication.

Create an Audit Trail

Having an integrated security and access control system can provide an audit trail of activities. Without this, you can be clueless about critical events, and defenseless in cases of fraud.

You Can Manage More Than One Building or Facility

Some educational facilities span acres of buildings. With a sophisticated security and access control system, you can manage all of the security from one location and even remotely from a smart device.

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