Physical Security for Commercial Facilities

What to Consider in Physical Security for Commercial Facilities in 2022

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It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the way industries operate and proved that having effective security is essential to the success of any commercial facility, no matter the industry. Moving into 2022, commercial security systems need to do much more than protect the facility and its occupants. 

Here are the top 5 considerations for Physical Security for Commercial Facilities.

You Need to Know That Security Technologies for Physical Security for Commercial Facilities Do More

One of the most important lessons we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that security technologies can serve the commercial industry in many diverse ways. Our response to COVID created new practices and processes, as well as new consumer expectations. That is not likely to change going into 2022. When implementing new technologies or leveraging existing ones, it has become increasingly important to use those technologies in the widest possible capacities. This means that users should understand the technologies and their features and capabilities to the fullest, whether people counting, elevated temperature detection, or zoned access control. Building visitors and occupants have a new expectation that facilities use technologies to keep a space as safe and free from potential threats as possible, including unintentional threats such as the spread of viruses.

Security is About Increased Awareness

Today, security is not just about keeping threats at the perimeter. It is also about increased situational awareness, operational awareness, improved safety, and more. Security technologies have become increasingly advanced and intuitive. Moving into 2022, Physical Security for commercial facilities should continue to use system technologies as an extension of their senses to see things such as practices that could improve, dangers that could be avoided, or what could be done to refine the use of space. 

You Can Improve The Use of Space for Physical Security for Commercial Facilities

With social distancing having impacted the world, keeping a safe and regulated distance from others is a realistic expectation. Security technologies can help manage that expectation by monitoring the movement of people using video surveillance and adjusting floor plans, processes, and traffic patterns to accommodate those needs. It can also help identify redundancies, wasted space, and more. Using the full scope of security technologies also helps commercial businesses recovering from dramatic economic shifts use the space most effectively to gain a better ROI.

Your System Needs to Help You Act Fast

Whether it is detecting threats like fire, preventing intrusion, or detecting an active threat, commercial technologies need to provide a way for facilities to act fast in a critical situation. This means that facilities should implement technologies including communication systems, video surveillance and analytics, access control, and professional monitoring.

Your Systems Should Be Helping Prevent Catastrophic Damages

Seemingly small things such as water leaks can cause serious damage over time. But even under the best of circumstances, it is easy to miss until damage has already occurred. It is impossible to have eyes on every inch of the facility 24/7 and equally impossible to predict events that could necessitate leaving a facility unoccupied for a period of time, both of which could allow a small problem to grow worse. This is why commercial facilities prioritize security technologies that help prevent catastrophic damages, such as the increased use of environmental sensors, including fire and smoke detection

Going into 2022, commercial security systems need to be robust yet accommodate many people and diverse operations. SSP offers best-in-class service and custom solutions to meet the unique needs of commercial properties. Our solutions are scalable and can grow with you as necessary, and never lock you into proprietary systems that are cumbersome and without the ability to expand. The SSP Service Excellence program is top in its class, delivering the industry’s most complete after installation support.

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