Crisis Can Help Improve Your Physical Security

Campus Security | Crisis Can Help Improve Your Physical Security

Campuses of all types have always made physical security and the safety of students and staff a top priority. However, the recent COVID-19 crisis has forced many educational facilities to rethink everything they thought they knew about their physical security systems and measures. In fact, there is no better time to look at your physical security through a new lens than during a crisis, and what you learn can help improve security and campus efficiencies. 

Are There Gaps in Your Security?

One of the top ways a crisis can help improve your physical security is by helping highlight any existing gaps in security and identify areas that could be improved. For example, it may be that your campus could benefit from increased access control in certain areas to help limit exposure to viral threats, or perhaps your video surveillance needs to be updated to technologies that include detecting elevated body temperature. Perhaps your systems are not fully integrated, causing you to miss critical information. 

Are You Using System Capabilities to the Fullest?

One of the most valuable lessons we can learn from crisis is how to use our systems to their fullest potential. Crisis forces innovation and economy and one of the first things we learn is that the technologies we have do far more than we knew. As campuses transition to opening their doors, they have new security considerations  which will force system users to stretch system functionality and leverage these functions to:

  • Enable more duties to be performed remotely
  • Ensure the use of protective gear such as masks
  • Monitor for signs of sickness
  • Reduce opportunities for viral exposure
  • Increase efficiencies

Restoring Normal Operations Safely

The next step is to take that knowledge and apply it to the advancement of normal operations. Security technologies can help your campus increase flexibility, pivot when needed, and provide the working knowledge you need to improve efficiencies, safety, and security. Take the knowledge gained during crisis and ask these questions.

  • Are the current systems adequate?
  • Do we need better systems integration? 
  • Do we need a systems evaluation?
  • Can we use the current system better to improve daily operations?
  • What standards from the time of crisis should we keep during normal operations?

While we never choose to go through a time of crisis, Crisis Can Help Improve Your Physical Security, we can use it to help identify security needs, refine our practices, and help our campus run more effectively and leanly in the future. 

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