Do You Really Have Full Control of Your School Security?

School Security

Learning environments such as schools, higher learning campuses, and other educational facilities are home to the most important and vulnerable population. Without question, changing and increasing threats in these environments indicate we should constantly evaluate our school security posture and strengthen it when we see there is room to do so. 

Using access control can optimize your existing security strategy and suite by restricting access from those who shouldn’t have it. With access control systems providing lockdown features, you can swiftly secure your campus remotely in an emergency situation with a host of activation features. You can keep your students safe through a wide variety of lockdown options and instant notification capabilities which are vital for school security. 

Another key benefit is off-hours access management which enables you to easily provide temporary access to students, parents, and other external guests that have been granted security clearance. Track your attendance with the integration and ensure only students, faculty, and approved guests are entering the premises. Not only that you can also seamlessly activate the parent authentication feature for child pick-up for even greater peace of mind because of this enhanced school security.

Touchless access can also minimize potential COVID-19 exposure by reducing common touch areas through in-app unlocking options and integrations with automatic door openers as an addition to school security. Our student tracking feature can monitor and enact social distancing protocols through occupancy management tools integrated into our user-friendly user interface and dashboard so you get a bird’s eye view of capacity by zone complemented with detailed reporting and analytics. 

Start managing your entire remote access control platform and hardware from anywhere, anytime. Ensure you have real-time visibility. Features like remote unlock and digital visitor permits as well as customization options to manage access schedules for all facilities in one platform give you the power to act swiftly and without delay. Not only that, you can get granular with access permissions to grant staff and students access during specific times or days. What more can you ask for a school security?

School Security Integration In Georgia

Any good security integrator's goal is total customer satisfaction with a job completed as promised. That satisfaction requires a good fit between the commercial company and the integrator. SSP works hard to form partnerships and build security programs that improve security, operational efficiency, and lower costs.

Commercial School Security System Integrators Near Me 

SSP serves the state of Georgia and offers best-in-class service and custom solutions to meet your physical security needs. Our solutions are scalable and can grow with you, and never lock you into proprietary systems. If you are looking for a commercial security company in Georgia, look no further. SSP is here to serve you. Call SSP today. 1-888-540-0175