Existing Security System

Improving Manufacturing Productivity with Your Existing Security System

With the U.S. workforce impacted immensely by COVID-19, manufacturing has taken a hit in productivity. Now that employees are getting back to work, productivity matters now more than ever.

One of the best ways to increase employee engagement, and reduce stress, hazards, and distractions, is to leverage commercial security in this effort. Both your business and employees stand to benefit when safety is maintained and productivity is at its peak.

Here are some key areas in which you can improve manufacturing productivity across all aspects of your facility. 

Monitoring Infrastructure and Assets with Existing Security System

One common misconception about manufacturing productivity is that it all has to do with how effectively your employees are performing their duties, operating machinery, and following company policies.

Productivity isn’t simply a matter of how efficiently your employees are doing their jobs. Your facility infrastructure could be the main culprit in killing productivity. For example, think about your products or equipment that are environmentally sensitive to factors such as air quality, temperature, or that are light-sensitive.

What about the functioning of your manufacturing machinery, equipment, or use of space? When not monitored appropriately, these components that contribute to the complex manufacturing process could be costing you time and money. Effective environmental monitoring can ensure that your production efforts are as effective and efficient as possible.

Employee Productivity and Benefits with Existing Security System

One other major way to effectively leverage your current commercial security system is by disclosing its use to your employees.

This might involve utilizing your pre-existing video surveillance cameras or access control systems. You can also install or upgrade to new ones.

Not only will doing so increase your employees’ sense of security in knowing that you’re looking out for their safety and security while working in the often hazardous conditions typically associated with manufacturing, but they’ll also be more inclined to remain appropriately productive because they will know they’re being monitored.

Simply disclosing the use of safety and productivity monitoring to your manufacturing employees will increase safety, security, and productivity, and can even decrease instances of theft, disregard for company policies, or even accidents. Your employees will take comfort in knowing this measure keeps them safe and accountable. 

Minimizing Vulnerability with Existing Security System

Manufacturing facilities are notoriously dangerous places. Strict health and safety guidelines must be established, followed, and enforced by employers and employees at all times.

Utilizing your existing security system comprised of video surveillance, environmental monitoring, alarms, and access control all can work to minimize hazards, maintain, and even increase productivity because hazardous environments and behaviors can be identified before accidents happen. 

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