Opening New Doors with Touchless Access Control

As surges of COVID-19 fluctuate across the nation, manufacturing, processing, and distribution centers are now faced with new challenges to mitigate the spread of the illness. One of them happens to be one of the first places individuals encounter at the facility entry points.

Traditional Options Won’t Cut It Try Opening New Doors with Touchless Access Control

While some large manufacturing or distribution facilities may only need to use traditional access control methods such as keys or keypads for their security, the present climate amid COVID-19 may require these facilities to raise the bar to touchless methods. Hard nonporous surfaces like metals and plastic tend to be where the virus can remain active and contagious the longest. Since traditional methods require direct contact, these surfaces can host germs and bacteria that could lead to viral spread.

Unlocking the Door

Luckily, there are a variety of different options available for facilities of all sizes and purposes. There is always the popular card or fob reading devices where an employee waves their badge or fob in front of a touchless reader in order to gain entry. Another option is the use of a Bluetooth reader where the user simply waves the Bluetooth enabled device in front of a touchless Bluetooth reader in order to gain entry into the building. 

For facilities with higher security needs, touchless biometrics that include facial recognition or retina scanning biometric access control technology can provide touchless access to facilities of these types.  Many of these systems are seeing the addition of thermal scanning sensors to measure elevated body temperatures as well. This could potentially serve as a means of prescreening employees for signs of illness - particularly in food processing and distribution. 

Opening New Doors with Touchless Access Control

You’ve unlocked the door, but what about opening it? When automatic doors are paired with an access control system, they can significantly diminish the transmission of viral contagions because they eliminate the contact with a door handle needed to open a door once unlocked.

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