Securing the Future: Access Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, change is constant and occurs at warp speed. This vital industry encompasses a wide range of companies engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of drugs and medicines. Through scientific research and clinical trials, pharmaceutical companies strive to discover new treatments, prevent diseases, and find innovative solutions to complex medical challenges. The industry operates under rigorous regulatory frameworks to ensure pharmaceutical products' safety, efficacy, and quality. And as pharmaceutical companies push the boundaries of scientific innovation, they encounter unique security concerns that demand specialized access control solutions. Companies need access control and security systems that are strict enough to protect them yet flexible enough to allow their important work to continue unhindered.

Pharmaceutical Access Control Challenges

A facility's access control system is the lynchpin to an effective perimeter security plan. A physical security system in the pharmaceutical industry must effectively protect a company's ideas, patents, and reputation. Safety is another critical concern. Access control system helps protect workers and the public from costly or dangerous accidents. 

And a robust access control system helps protect a pharmaceutical facility against theft and intrusion, but it should also help allow staff to work freely.

Perimeter Access

Your perimeter is your first line of defense. Be it your front entrance, your loading dock, or your back doors, who gains access to the building is the name of the game. From granting access in the form of card access to the latest biometrics, including fingerprint, smart card technology, and mobile credentials, companies must have a strict and robust access control system in place. With the ever-increasing importance of safeguarding intellectual property, trade secrets, and research data, stringent access control measures have become imperative. By implementing a robust access control system, pharmaceutical companies can limit entry to authorized personnel, effectively mitigating the risk of unauthorized access, theft, sabotage, and contamination.

Internal Access

Within a pharmaceutical facility, there are often various levels of security for different areas. Access needs to be granted depending on an individual's authorization level. Pharmaceutical companies deal with valuable assets, including controlled substances, experimental compounds, and equipment requiring strict protection. By implementing robust internal physical access control measures, such as access cards, biometrics, or mobile credentials, along with video surveillance systems, companies can restrict entry to authorized personnel only.

What are the Facility's Needs?

Before starting to implement a new access control system in your building, there are a few questions to ask to make sure your current system meets your needs:

  • What are your facility's primary security concerns?
  • How many buildings do you need to secure?
  • Are there other structures like parking garages that need physical access control?
  • How many entrances and exits will need physical access control?
  • How many users will require daily or temporary access?
  • What are the different levels of access within your pharmaceutical facility?
  • Does your physical access control system need to meet any compliance requirements?

Enhance Safety and Compliance with Access Control

Access control is just one component of your workplace or building security, but it should not be overlooked. A functioning system and the right physical access control policy can mitigate breaches by keeping potential criminals out and only allowing authorized users in. SSP can design and install a scalable and robust access control solution that will help to protect your Atlanta area pharmaceutical facility. With our decades of experience and know-how, we have extensive knowledge of regulations and compliance. And with our deep understanding of local regulations, we can help ensure your organization meets all its compliance requirements while staying secure from potential threats.

SSP will help protect your pharmaceutical facility so your workers can do what they do best, innovating and creating life-saving medicines for the future. Call SSP to request a free consultation today: 1-888-540-0175.