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SSP has made serious investments in the development of our SSP Technical Services Department and the SSP Support Center. Streamlining our Respond, Plan, Resolve service process, along with remote support and cyber security, were at the top of the list. We are excited to share more about what we have been working on and the benefit our customers are realizing.

SSP Technical Services:

Cyber Security – With cyber risks growing continuously, protecting our customer’s cyber environments is front of mind with SSP. Having a centralized process has allowed for us to create consistent results. Below are a few of the key ways SSP is leveraging our Technical Services Department and the SSP Support Center to help protect our customers from cyber threats.

  • Product burn-in process, assigning unique strong passwords to each and every IOT device.
  • Secure remote connections by utilizing secure tools trusted by the MSP industry to maintain high levels of security when offering remote support to our customers.
  • Reduced attack surface for IOT devices by removing or disabling services that are not necessary to the systems functionality.
  • Future benefits include advanced system health monitoring and cyber security.

Service Process – A major component of the continued development of our Technical Services Department included implementing our Respond, Plan, Resolve service process. Results include reduced downtime and costs related to service for our customers. A few notable highlights below.

  • SLA automation and reporting. Customers participating in our Service Excellence program have the comfort of priority service and defined SLA responses for Respond, Plan, and Resolve.
  • Remote support available in minutes, not hours or days.
  • New product burn-in to reduce DOAs and limit labor waste, ultimately reducing costs of service.
  • Delivering database migrations/updates and highly technical remote services.

At SSP, our recommendations are to consider your current service experience and how you would like to be serviced in the future. Please contact SSP at or (888)540-0175 to know more about SSP Technical Services and consult with a Customer Success Manager about how we can improve your service experience!


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