Upgrade School Security

With Virtual Learning in Full Swing, Now is the Time to Upgrade School Security

With most students and educators relying on virtual learning as the school year commences, most school communities are learning and working from home while school buildings remain relatively empty. Without large numbers of students and faculty in school buildings, now is an opportune time for administrators to make school security upgrades for when their buildings do fill up again. 

What’s Different If you don't Upgrade School Security?

Aside from typical school security threats such as vandalism, intruders, bullying, school shooters, etc., school administrators must now factor in aspects of hygiene, health, and safety protocols in the school environment due to COVID-19. In many cases, these upgrades weren’t possible during the summer months because the priority of many districts was to develop a plan for continued learning for students and their families. The upside is that with school buildings less occupied than before, largescale security system upgrade projects are now possible with less disruption and less interference with learning. 

What Kinds of Upgrade School Security Should be Considered?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many districts are upgrading their access control systems to touchless solutions that include the use of fobs, keycards, and mobile device use made possible through Bluetooth integration. Upgraded video surveillance accessible through mobile devices is also gaining traction so that administrators can access devices remotely. As an administrator, other areas of school security to consider upgrading during this opportune time could include:

  • Server/software
  • Touchless access control
  • Paging/intercom
  • Video surveillance camera
  • Gunshot detection

We’re Here to Assist for your Upgrade School Security

At SSP, you’re in the hands of the industry’s best experts in school security. The safety of students and staff at your school campus is of utmost importance, so why not make the necessary upgrades? 

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