3 Ways to Improve Commercial Physical Security

Improve Commercial Physical Security
Whether you own an SMB or a larger corporation, physical security is always a top concern. Businesses contain many important assets, employees, products, information, and more all needing adequate protection from changing security threats.

Luckily, security technologies continue to evolve at a tremendous rate and companies of any size can employ a wide range of solutions to meet current and future physical security needs. We at SSP have been securing businesses for years and have seen the incredible value physical systems add to businesses throughout Georgia and beyond. 

Here are the top physical security system solutions adding value to businesses today.

3 Ways to Improve Commercial Physical Security

Video Surveillance

When most people think of security, video surveillance is probably one of the first things that come to mind. However, what they may not know is that video surveillance has moved from legacy analog systems to High-definition, IP cameras and offering advanced features such as video analytics. Improved security is just one advantage, however. Comprehensive video surveillance security also provides a way to view and monitor operations for improved processes, and more. 

Access Control

Prior to access control, the only way to monitor access to a property was using security guards. This, of course, was costly and not as effective as it could be. Access control fills security gaps by requiring proper credentials before gaining access to protected properties or areas without the need for guards at every point. In addition to providing restricted access, access control also provides increased awareness of what areas are accessed, when, and by whom. 

Intrusion Detection

Usually applied at the perimeter of a property or building. Intrusion detection, as the name implies, detects intrusion to secured areas. The technologies backing these systems today are more sensitive, powerful, advanced, and affordable than ever is one of the most important solutions used to protect businesses today. 

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