Top Ways Atlanta Manufacturing Facilities Avoid Fire Inspection Violations and Fines

Fire Inspection Violations and Fines

In just moments, fire can irrevocably destroy lives and cost millions in property damage. This is especially true in the manufacturing industry where an abundance of materials and processes create a volatile environment.

Understanding this, fire codes were put in place to help prevent the dangerous conditions that can lead to disaster. Ignoring these codes will not only put Atlanta manufactures at risk, but it can also lead to code violations and costly fines.

Top Ways to Avoid Fire Inspection Violations and Fines

The first and most important way to avoid fire inspection violations and fines is to schedule regular checks, maintenance, and system inspections by qualified fire system professionals.  Fire and life safety system professionals help ensure your system is working, that it is compliant, and avoid fines. Here are some additional ways to stay fire code compliant.

  • If you use a fire alarm monitoring system or a fire sprinkler system, make sure that you have a key vault that will allow the fire department to access your building if a fire starts during non-business hours.
  • Hydrants on your property must be easily visible and not obstructed by landscaping or any other structures and have three feet of clearance on all sides.
  • Fire lanes in front of your building must be cleared of obstructions.

Building Interiors

Here are some top considerations in avoiding fire inspection violations and fines in building interiors:

  • Maintain proper egress. All walkways, hallways, stairways, and paths to exits are free from obstructions.
  • Doors must be able to be opened by one person without aid in one motion.
  • Door locks must not require complex knowledge or tools to operate.
  • Emergency lights and exit signs must work properly in both normal and emergency power modes.
  • Fire extinguishers must be properly charged and easily accessible at all times.

Manufacturing Workspaces

The manufacturing environment is complex and every facility has unique considerations in staying code compliant. Here are some of the most common areas of concern in avoiding fire inspection violations and fines:

  • Improperly stored combustible materials.
  • Failure to use dust collection systems
  • Employees spotted smoking in non-designated areas

Electrical Considerations in Fire Code Compliance

Faulty or the misuse of electrical equipment is of the most common causes of fires in the commercial environment and of the areas of concern during fire inspections. Here are some simple ways you can avoid common fire inspection violations and fines:  

  • Keep all electrical outlets, junction boxes, and circuit breaker panels covered with appropriate cover plates.
  • Make sure openings in circuit breaker boxes are covered by an appropriate plug to contain any sparks of arcs.
  • Avoid the use of electrical extension cords, especially in place of permanent wiring.


We highly recommend becoming familiar with the national, state, and local fire codes some of which can be found here. If you have any questions about fire and life safety systems installation, inspection, or monitoring. SSP serves the needs of campuses nationwide with local delivery. Headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia, we offer design, installation and service to local, regional and national clients. Call us today for more information!