Check out the top advances in campus security systems!

top advances in campus security systems

Top Advances in Campus Security Systems and Safety

Physical security in the educational setting requires an ongoing process vigilance and reevaluation of security needs. Over the last two decades, physical security acceptance, capabilities, and needs have all changed dramatically. Frequent headlines underscore the need to protect students of every age from threats such as fire, intruders, fights, and bullying. 

As a result, an increasing number of campuses have implemented some form of security technology such as video surveillance or access control.

April 2007, the Campus Safety and Security Project conducted a national survey of colleges and universities, which revealed that approximately 50% of higher education respondents had perimeter access cards for their residence hall facilities. Far fewer facilities had monitored cameras or surveillance systems. 

According to the 2013 Campus Safety Yearbook:

  • 43 percent of schools lacked a visitor management system
  • 39 percent of school video surveillance systems were not integrated with physical access control or communications systems, forfeiting the opportunity to more quickly identify and apprehend intruders
  • 33 percent had radio systems that couldn't interoperate with first responders’ radio systems
  • 25 percent were not prepared to respond to active shooter incidents

Campus Facility Physical Security Today

Fortunately, much has changed since that time with the number of campus facilities implementing sophisticated security technologies dramatically increasing. Here are the top physical security technologies for schools being used today.


  • Cloud management. Today, campus security is increasingly adopting cloud solutions that connect all physical security solutions to one service to manage costs and accelerate emergency response. 
  • Visitor management. These systems help validate and monitor access of any visitor on campus. 
  • Video Surveillance. With today’s video surveillance systems both advanced and affordable, more campuses can implement them to increase awareness and security. 
  • Analytics. New break-throughs in real-time video analytics help with historical patterns and are imperative in an emergency event.
  • Emergency communication. Emergency and mass communications that interoperate with emergency service providers are another critical component of campus safety today. 
  •  Access control. Today, controlling access throughout the campus is another valuable advance in how schools are increasing security. 


Whether controlling access to unwanted visitors or reducing the need for manual building checks, today’s technologies have improved campus safety and security significantly. For more information about security systems for schools, call the experts at 1-888-540-0175.