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RTLS Technology

RTLS Technology can help streamline processes in business settings such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and more. With this technology, it is easier to keep track of equipment, assets, patients, or staff throughout a facility like a warehouse, hospital or school campus. Real-time asset or personnel tracking helps reduce the time and energy it takes to locate people or objects. RLTS Technology can make complex processes like inventory management and patient location much smoother and more efficient.

RTLS Technology: A Primer

A typical RTLS system is comprised of radio frequency tags that are affixed to objects or worn by people. Then there are reference point transponders that determine the location of the tags. This is how the system is able to track and identify the exact location of objects or people in real-time within a defined area. In addition to location, RTLS tags can also include sensors for temperature, humidity, and vibration, which can also be relayed via radio signal.

RTLS first emerged as a viable commercial technology in the 1990s but really started to grow in popularity over the last few years. The RTLS market is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 38%. 

RTLS Technology in Healthcare

The healthcare industry was an early adopter of RTLS technology and for good reason. The benefits of using RTLS in a healthcare setting are numerous, including:

  1. Improved patient safety: RTLS systems can track the location of patients, staff, and equipment, ensuring they are in the right place at the right time. This helps to reduce errors, increase response times, and improve the overall safety of patients.
  2. Increased efficiency: RTLS technology can help healthcare facilities improve their efficiency by streamlining workflows, reducing wait times, and enabling staff to quickly locate the equipment they need.
  3. Cost savings: By tracking the location of equipment, healthcare facilities can reduce the need for replacement equipment, and reduce equipment loss or theft.

RTLS Technology in Logistics

The logistics industry can also benefit from RTLS technology by providing the following benefits:

  1. Improved inventory management: RTLS technology can help logistics companies improve their inventory management by providing real-time tracking of inventory location and status.
  2. Enhanced supply chain visibility: RTLS can also help logistics companies improve their supply chain visibility, enabling them to track the location of goods as they move through the supply chain.
  3. Reduced costs: By improving inventory management and supply chain visibility, logistics companies can reduce costs associated with lost or misplaced inventory, transportation delays, and other inefficiencies.

RTLS Technology in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry can also greatly benefit from RTLS technology by providing the following benefits:

  1. Asset tracking: RTLS can help manufacturers track their inventory, equipment, and other assets, providing real-time information on their location and status.
  2. Improved efficiency: By tracking the location of assets, manufacturers can optimize their production processes, reducing downtime, and increasing production efficiency.
  3. Enhanced safety: RTLS technology can help improve safety in manufacturing plants by tracking the location of workers, identifying potential safety hazards, and enabling emergency response teams to quickly react to incidents.

RTLS Technology - Find What and Who You're Looking For

RTLS is an extremely powerful, invaluable tool that can greatly improve the overall operations of a healthcare, manufacturing, or logistics facility. By having access to real-time location info, companies large and small can make better-informed decisions, improve efficiency, and provide a higher level of customer service. This will in turn lead to optimized processes, reduced costs, and improved safety.

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