Code Blue: The Importance of Healthcare Security

healthcare security

Through good times and bad, healthcare facilities are one of the most critical locations for everyone's safety. Healthcare providers work around the clock, putting their lives on the line, and it is only fair to ensure that they are secure and safe for both providers and patients. Healthcare Security in healthcare facilities plays a crucial role in protecting individuals, information, and assets within healthcare facilities.

The Risks are Real

Nurses and healthcare workers experience workplace violence at a rate 12 times higher than the rest of the U.S. workforce combined. 75% of all reported workplace violence incidents in the United States each year involve healthcare professionals. How to best support healthcare workers and help protect this vital workforce while keeping them free to do their essential work? SSP has many options to help.

Advanced Access Control for Healthcare Security

A vital component of a security plan in a healthcare security facility is a robust access control system. Using custom components like access cards, biometric technologies, and electronic locks. A healthcare access system must be powerful but still provide targeted access to each area, floor, and building to staff, patients, and visitors. 

Distress / Panic Systems 

When healthcare workers need help immediately, access to a duress or panic button system will bring aid fast. Whether a panic button is wall mounted or worn by nurses and staff, a distress button system is an effective method to provide safety and quick support to employees and patients in the event of a violent altercation. Alarm buttons are sometimes worn on the body, fixed to name badges, accessible from a workstation, or mounted on the wall. Staff only need to press a button or pull a switch, and security staff or emergency responders are contacted.

Surveillance Security Systems with 24/7 Monitoring

A healthcare security camera system with professional monitoring is vital in helping to protect healthcare workers from violence. A healthcare security system with monitoring is not only a deterrent for crime but also allows staff to see who enters if someone leaves their room unexpectedly and to have a record of an incident for law enforcement or insurance purposes. Cameras can be used to monitor patients, staff, and anything of value but are also helpful in tracking infants, dementia, or mental health patients. When you combine a surveillance camera system with monitoring, you're doing everything possible to protect healthcare workers.

Protecting Patients and Staff

SSP can design and install a scalable and robust security solution that will help to protect your Atalanta area healthcare staff and patients. We have decades of experience and know-how in the healthcare industry and have extensive knowledge of regulations and compliance. With our deep understanding of local regulations, we can help ensure your organization meets all its compliance requirements while staying secure from potential threats.


SSP will help protect you so your healthcare workers can do what they do best, serving their patients.

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