How About Your Safety in School?

Safety in School

Campus crimes are on the rise. As unnerving as it may be to think of criminals breaking into schools to steal or individuals entering the campus to cause physical harm to others, it is an all too often occurrence today. We no longer can assume crime will not happen on our campus or assume that our schools are adequately protected.

Safety in School Needs to Secure Its Premises

Campuses today are a target for all types of crimes. Without question, safety in school needs to adequately secure its premises against these possibilities.  

Common Problems

Unfortunately, many problems arise in safety in school because of the difficulty in identifying a problem before it becomes one. Not every “bad person” looks like a threat initially. Many times, those with ill intent will lurk around and will eventually gain entry via unmonitored and unsecured doors. In most instances, members of the public will sign in, but there are no physical security measures in place to enforce the rules.

Real Solutions for School Security

It is vital to protect all of the areas where students and staff spend their time, from parking lots and playgrounds to classrooms and hallways. No one solution, no matter how valuable, is enough to provide adequate security. In school security, layered security is vital, starting at the perimeter.  

Here are some valuable solutions:

  • Video surveillance covering the interior and exterior of the property.
  • Intrusion detection
  • Access control restricting access to all areas of the facilities
  • Intercoms and telephone entry systems
  • Emergency/mass communication systems

Evaluating Your School Security

To attain the highest levels of security it is important to have your school campus evaluated by a professional who can provide an expert and unbiased report of your risks. Once you know your true risks, they can be mitigated with the most effective and appropriate technologies.

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