Commercial Physical Security: Can Your Business Benefit from Emergency Communications?

Commercial Physical Security

If you are considering commercial physical security systems for your business you are likely wondering if your business could benefit from an emergency communication system? The short answer is, yes. No matter the emergency, communications remain a vital component to keeping your business safe, responsive, and resilient.  

Commercial Physical Security

From signal fires to church bells, we have always used the best available mode of communication to reach the most people as quickly as possible in an emergency. Fortunately, mass communication has come a long way since that time, with many advanced technological options available. 

However, we do have a long way to go in the area of implementation. 

Shockingly, mass communication remains lower on the list of commercial physical security priorities, and it is to our detriment. 

The lack of mass communication systems and the result of which was pushed to the forefront of the media when in 2011 the Virginia Tech massacre claimed 33 lives. While the school did have a mass notification system in use, it also relied on students and staff checking their email for emergency directions. This left those who did not have immediate access to email traveling blindly throughout campus unaware of the imminent danger. 

The tragedy highlighted the necessity of a reliable and immediate way to communicate across the entire campus. This led to many schools such as St. John's University in New York implementing an emergency text message system that was delivered to the students as a threat was occurring instead of afterward. This method has also been adopted by some organizations in conjunction with fire alarm systems, having a text message automatically triggered the instant a fire alarm is activated in case any employees are unable to hear the alarms or see flashing signals.

Since 2011, mass communication technologies have continued to evolve. Today, no matter the size of your organization, there is an effective emergency communication system that can support your business. Today’s technologies include features such as automatic translation up to ten languages, one-touch calling for key personnel, easily customizable notification groups, messaging that sends receipt validation, limited or no installation requirements, web-based interface with minimal training, 24-hour call center backup in case your internet fails, and many more. 

SSP offers solutions designed for commercial physical security to deliver quick and effective messaging so that you can rest assured that you are doing everything possible to ensure your employee population is safe and informed. Call SSP today for more information. 1-888-540-0175