A Layering Approach to Effective Security

Effective Security

A layering approach to effective security

There isn’t one single effective security technology that can do it all. That’s why professional systems integration companies like SSP always rely on a successful decades-old-approach to effective security: layering detection and creating physical barriers, starting from the outside and moving to interior spaces.

SSP follows this highly effective guideline, beginning with meeting with the client to evaluate the area, characteristics of the environment and any specific challenges or issues. A thorough walk through will also yield important insights – such as sensitive locations like computer labs, or rooms with high-value assets or even dispensaries with controlled medical products or pharmaceuticals.

A gated community, for example requires electronic access control at the farthest reaches of the property, including moveable barriers and other structures to restrict access. Inside, video surveillance may take over, as well as outdoor motion detection. Inside, the pool or community center may require alarm control panels or electronic locking controls. There may also be a server room or IT closet dictating special attention, such as biometrics for extra effective security.

The process of layering technology is quite effective and in essence sets up a series of defenses that need to be defeated to make it to the next part of the protected premises. Every layer creates an obstacle and requires time to be circumvented. Deployed properly, the layered approach to detection may also result in unauthorized perpetrators ‘giving up on getting in’ because of the difficulty of the process and the escalating potential for getting caught.

Inside the facility, motion detectors can trigger audible horns or sirens or signal a visual alarm like flashing lights while simultaneously alerting the professional central monitoring station. Video cameras can be programmed to record on alert or motion, and even automatically pan, tilt and zoom into the direction of the exception or the alarm. A text message or video clip can also be relayed to the business owner and to the central monitoring station for further evaluation.

SSP is an expert in protecting businesses and critical infrastructure and can accurately identify risk and security threats. We communicate and work with you to make certain proposed and deployed security accomplishes your goals. We match the latest proven technologies and customize the specification to fortify exteriors and interiors in a cost-effective method.

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