Environmental Monitoring: Take Control of Your Clinic's Climate

Maintaining a comfortable environment is important for any business. But for those in the healthcare industry, be it a health clinic, pharmaceutical, or hospital setting, maintaining control over temperature, humidity, and other factors is more than just a matter of employee comfort; it's vital for the safety of patients, medical supplies, and regulatory compliance. Maintaining a balance of temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors in a healthcare setting is critical to keep equipment operating, medicines fresh, and facilities compliant.

What is Environmental Monitoring?

An environmental monitoring system comprises advanced sensors installed in specific areas around your healthcare facility. Depending on the facility's needs, specific sensors are available to measure temperature, humidity, leaks, smoke, fire, and more. SSP's environmental monitoring system constantly scans an area. If anything is out of order, such as if the temperature or humidity falls outside your desired range, it will automatically alert a central monitoring station so that you can take action quickly.

Let's look at some of the medical facilities that can benefit from environmental monitoring:


Hospitals face many challenges when it comes to environmental monitoring—usually consisting of many areas, each with its own climate needs. Whether in operating rooms, medical storage, laboratories, or pharmacies, it's imperative that a hospital maintains an appropriate temperature.


Pharmacies must also maintain climate control due to its impact on medication safety, efficacy, and shelf life. Maintaining specific temperature and humidity levels is essential for preserving the quality and stability of medications. Many pharmaceutical products are sensitive to environmental conditions, and exposure to improper climate can lead to degradation, loss of potency, or even harmful chemical reactions.


In a laboratory setting, environmental monitoring is vital due to its significant impact on experimental processes, results, and researcher safety. Temperature, humidity, and air quality can affect sensitive equipment, delicate samples, and intricate laboratory experiments. A controlled environment helps ensure experiment stability and reliability.

Medical Clinics

Smaller medical clinics and urgent care centers also need an environmental monitoring system. Monitoring a clinic's climate impacts patient comfort, effective healthcare delivery, and the preservation of medications and medical equipment. Maintaining a comfortable temperature in waiting areas, examination rooms, and treatment areas helps patients feel at ease during their visits, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.

More Benefits of Environmental Monitoring in Healthcare

  • Early warning - Real-time environmental monitoring provides instant alerts if anything goes wrong. Staff and management can make decisions quickly by identifying potential issues in advance.
  • Peace of mind - The cost of a climate failure in a medical facility could be catastrophic; it's not worth the risk. But with an environmental monitoring system monitoring a facility's medical supplies and equipment 24 hours a day, a company ensures that their facility is protected.
  • Compliance - Medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and labs have strict regulations and standards for temperature and humidity control. Environmental monitoring provides valuable, real-time data to help a healthcare facility stay compliant.

Preserving Health and Safety

Within the healthcare industry, climate control is essential. Healthcare facilities of all sizes must maintain the right temperature, humidity, and air quality for the comfort and safety of patients and medical staff. Monitoring the environment is also crucial to preserving medication efficacy, protecting sensitive laboratory experiments, and ensuring critical medical equipment works properly. Healthcare facilities can improve patient care, reduce operational costs, and maintain the highest quality and safety standards by investing in environmental monitoring systems.

SSP can install a robust and precise environmental monitoring system for your healthcare facility. An integrated system that will watch over your facility's climate, protecting your patients, staff, and equipment. Call SSP to find out how we can help at 1-888-540-0175.