Remote Video Guarding: An Excellent Solution For Handling Multiple Property Security

Multiple Property Security

Remote video guarding uses surveillance cameras, live monitoring, and artificial intelligence to protect properties remotely. It's a cost-effective, customizable solution that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each property. Remote guarding has proven invaluable for property managers and owners looking to secure several properties simultaneously.

Here are some benefits of remote guarding, how it works, and what to look for when choosing the right provider.

Remote Video Guarding Pros for Multiple Property Security

These are some of the main advantages remote video guarding provides for property managers looking to secure multiple properties at once.

  • Lower crime risk - Because your property is watched around the clock, suspicious activity is responded to faster. As a result, there is less chance of theft, vandalism, and property damage as security or law enforcement is often contacted before a crime has even occurred.
  • Cost-effective - Compared with traditional security measures like on-site guards or alarms, remote video guarding is much more cost-effective. Using video cameras and remote monitoring, you can minimize your security costs while maintaining a high level of protection.
  • Customizable - Every property has unique security concerns, and remote video guarding can be customized to meet these needs. Depending on the property's location, it may be in a high-crime area or a remote location, and the security solution will be different for each.
  • Centralized - One of the most significant benefits of remote video guarding is being able to monitor multiple properties from any location. This eliminates the need to hire separate security personnel for each site or travel between properties to watch them. You can instead monitor everything from one central location, saving you time and money.

Here's how remote video guarding works for multiple properties:

  • Surveillance cameras - At each property, security cameras are installed. The number and type of cameras will vary depending on each location's security needs.
  • Video monitoring - The cameras are connected to a monitoring station staffed by trained security personnel who monitor them 24/7, looking for suspicious activity.
  • Response - The remote monitoring center immediately alerts local law enforcement if suspicious activity is detected. This limits response time considerably.

Video Guarding: Sample Scenario 

Picture this: you manage several commercial buildings across a metropolitan area. You want to provide the highest level of security to each building based on its security needs, so you partner with a remote video guarding provider like SSP, which offers customizable security solutions. Cameras, sensors, and other security components are installed inside and outside each location. From there, the camera feeds are monitored by trained security personnel 24/7, checking for suspicious activity. And you rest assured that all of your properties are monitored and protected.

Choosing a Remote Guarding Provider

Several factors should be considered when choosing a remote video guarding provider:

  • Experience - Find a provider with extensive experience and a successful track record. Ensure they have a 24/7 monitoring center and comprehensive product training.
  • Customizable - Ensure your provider offers customizable, scalable security solutions.
  • Law enforcement coordination - Their relationship with local law enforcement is crucial to ensuring quick response in case of security breaches.
  • Cost-effective pricing - It's helpful when a provider offers excellent remote video guarding services without charging an arm and a leg.
  • Advanced analytics - To increase effectiveness and response times, search for a company that uses advanced analytics to alert trained personnel of any motion or other events.

Why is SSP your best choice for Remote Video Guarding in Atlanta?

Property owners and managers who need to secure multiple properties simultaneously can benefit from remote video guarding. To meet the unique security needs of each property, we provide cost-effective and customizable security solutions. Partnering with a remote video guarding provider like SSP ensures a high level of property protection, reduces security costs, and saves you time and money on repairs.

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