Gated Access Can Better Protect Your School

Gated Access Can Better Protect Your School Community

With the school year just around the corner, establishing top-notch perimeter security on school grounds is essential to maintain the safety of students and school personnel. 

Over the last several years, schools across the nation are reconfiguring their main entrances to establish more secure and recognizable entry points, but gated entry solutions can do this even better.

What is Gate Access? and How Gated Access Can Better Protect Your School?

Gate access is a convenient and smart method to secure a perimeter of a property. With an integrated system, the perimeter access points of a school community are guarded by a physical gate that is electronically locked. In school settings, these gates are typically opened via badge scanning, fob, or with nothing more than a push of a button from an inside operator who has granted access via a telephone entry or video surveillance system. While most gate opener systems come with their own compatible access control panel, they are generally compatible with other access control systems when installed properly.

Gates Establish a Clear Entrance

One major component of gate access in a school setting is that it helps to establish a clearly-defined entry to your campus. SSP’s gate access solutions do just this and enable you to monitor and control who accesses your campus and can deter dangerous intruders or unwanted pedestrians.

Gate Access Integration 

The added benefit of having a primary point of entry is that this entry point can serve as a point of concentrated monitoring. Gate access is especially effective when the use of video surveillance, sensors, remote guarding, and other monitoring devices that are integrated with its use. With the combination of integrated solutions, gated access can easily monitor the movement of visitors in and out of the campus.

The safety of students and staff at your school campus is of utmost importance. 

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