Here Is How Remote Guarding Reduces Costs On The Site

Remote Guarding Reduces Costs

Remote Guarding Reduces Costs by Protecting Equipment On The Site

A common challenge for developers has been securing construction sites, and protecting the assets, safety and delivery schedules of the construction process on their site. This particular challenge tends to lead to the bottom line which is cost. Many of the tools, equipment, and materials used during the building process are expensive. If the job site is unattended overnight or during the weekend, this presents inherent risk, particularly as material cost continues to rise and it is proven by experience that remote guarding reduces costs on sites.

Remote Guarding Reduces Costs by Deterring Theft 

Common criminal activity like trespassing and vandalism are also concerns, and low-cost methods of securing sites, like lighting and fencing, prove to not deter these crimes and aren’t effective in monitoring site safety or construction progress. In addition, hiring security personnel to patrol construction sites is costly, and not always effective, since guards can fall asleep, lose attention, or be in the wrong place when detrimental events occur.

Keep Saving Money Beyond Development 

Remote guarding reduces costs doesn’t have to stop once construction is complete. You will still need to secure the building following the completion of construction. Once a building’s development is complete, the strategy for securing it will shift. Typically, the property’s owners or managers would hire new guard staff or install a new video surveillance system, but this transition usually becomes disjointed and inherently wasteful. It adds expenses and includes a great deal of repeated effort. A much better idea is to streamline the process by using a single security solution throughout the building’s entire lifecycle, from construction through regular operations. This is much more efficient and cost-effective.

Cost-Efficient Compared To Alternatives

Remote guarding is an important player in real estate investment strategy. Being easy to install and affordable, remote guarding truly pays for itself. Estimates continue to show that remote video surveillance costs up to 70% less than hiring an additional live guard, and the cameras have better vision than humans which reduces the need for having live guards. 

Also, setting up remote guarding would be a one-time investment only. Cameras can be moved to different locations around the property since monitoring will adjust once the facility is complete. From here, once you have established a relationship with a security partner to manage the solution, there will be no further costs, unless you want to add more cameras. There are no additional costs for the maintenance of the system as it is included in the monthly subscription fee as a managed operating cost. 

SSP | Remote Guarding Reduces Costs Near Me

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