Why Invest in Preparedness?

Invest in Preparedness

If you have been putting off disaster preparedness, now is the time to swing into action. According to research conducted by the University of Colorado in Boulder, things like flood and fire preparations and prevention can save lives and money-- as much as $11 for every $1 initially invested according to the report.
Natural hazard mitigation saves. In Security Magazine, Keith Porter, a research professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering said. “Mitigation can be a costly decision, but this study should help people to make a more informed choice about how to save their property and their wellbeing.”

Invest In Preparedness Means Saving Lives

Research taken from past disasters and simulations shows that meeting or exceeding building, safety, and fire and life safety codes can save lives. Understandably, efforts made to mitigate risks will result in fewer injuries and reduced loss of life. These steps include:

  • Meeting or exceeding building codes
  • Meeting or exceeding fire codes
  • Creating defensible spaces free of brush or flammable materials

Invest In Preparedness Also Means Saving Money on Macro and Micro Levels

Proper mitigation can save the community billions of dollars. These gains come in a variety of forms. For example, better built buildings sustain less damage in the event of earthquakes or other emergencies. On a micro level, early warning detection systems can detect early stage fire or leaks that could lead to more damage if not averted early.

Why Invest in Preparedness on the Micro Level?

The money spent on protecting and preparing your business in the event of an emergency will be returned to you several times over in both the value of life and the preservation of your business. Detecting things like fire, flood, or break-in at the earliest moments mean having the ability to engage law enforcement immediately to provide the necessary help. It may mean having the ability to address a simple leak instead of having to replace product or make costly repairs. These systems may be the difference between being able to open for business, or having to shut your doors completely.

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