How Remote Guarding Helps You As A Dealership

remote guarding helps

Car dealerships all over the world are struggling to keep their lots and inventory secure. As technology improves, so do the efforts and sophistication of car thieves. These criminals have become more aggressive and brazen in their attempts to profit off auto theft. Combine that with failing security solutions overseeing dealerships, you begin to see how this issue worsens.   However, SSP recommends dealerships upgrade to remote guarding surveillance and management as a pivotal business investment that will deter criminal activity.  There is no question remote guarding helps dealerships secure their investments.

Costly Challenges for Dealerships

The vulnerable states that dealerships are in will ultimately lead to additional unwanted costs. With so much inventory and the need to showcase it, you can understand how difficult of a predicament it is. Remote guarding helps in this respect where you are at ease knowing that your business is truly secured.

Some of these may include:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Multiple Sites To Manage
  • Large Lots With Open Perimeters
  • Expense And Limitations Of Security Guards

Remote Guarding Helps and is Effective Above The Rest  

The best way to combat theft and vandalism at car dealerships is by maintaining vigilant wide area live surveillance of auto dealership properties. Our remote guarding solution provides live situational awareness through virtual on-premises video and analytics to detect and prevent incidents from happening and/or escalating. When the analytics detect activity that triggers an alert, a trained crime interventionist evaluates the scene and provides immediate live call-down intervention, and initiates law enforcement action. This laser-focused approach to risk mitigation is ideal for auto dealerships with extensive physical properties and operations requiring specialized support to reduce liabilities and reduce losses. You will be amazed at how remote guarding helps many dealerships.

Remote Guarding Solutions

Here at SSP, our Remote Guarding system is the security solution your dealership can depend on. This is true live monitoring where a dedicated operator watches live video and can provide real-time audio intervention. Rather than just detecting and recording, Live Remote Guarding stops crime before it happens.  Remote guarding helps in these various ways:

  • Enhance onsite guard services
  • Reduce security cost
  • Eliminates human error factors 
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Same technology used by major defense agencies
  • Event-focused to prevent crime before it happens

Prioritize Security Spending As A Dealership

A proper remote guarding security system will save so many headaches and reduce costs. Automobiles are the most sought after inventory for theft, and that makes a trusted remote guarding solution and provider all the more crucial. We need no say more about how remote guarding helps a lot of dealerships in regards to security valuable assets of their business.

SSP | Remote Video Guarding Near Me

The integration of remote video intervention is one of the most powerful strategies you can implement to protect your business from intrusion and crime. SSP serves the state of Georgia and offers best-in-class service and custom solutions to meet your commercial vertical market and discipline needs. Our scalable solutions can grow with you, and never lock you into proprietary systems. If you are looking for a commercial security company in Georgia, look no further. SSP believes remote guarding helps and wants you to benefit from this as well. SSP is here to serve you to secure your valuable business. Call SSP today. 1-888-540-0175 Headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia, we offer design, installation and service to local, regional and national clients.

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