The importance of Intercom Systems in Government Facilities

Intercom Systems in Government Facilities

Government facilities need the ability to communicate at all times in order to fulfill the many demands of their critical roles. Tools such as intercom systems and gate/telephone entry systems add additional ways to communicate both in a daily capacity and in an emergency situation adding to increased safety and operational efficiency.

The importance of Intercom Systems in Government Facilities

Mass Alert

Sometimes information needs to be communicated quickly across several systems to ensure that it is received. Intercom systems can be used in an emergency to provide instruction, updates, and reassurance. They can also provide a way to issue alerts and warnings of any dangers so security personnel can act quickly.

Facility Announcements

Intercom systems are also beneficial in communicating important information to staff quickly, and at once, or to communicate between rooms and teams easily. 

Control Access to Critical Areas

Using a gate or telephone entry system provides access control without having to issue and manage numerous key cards. Employees needing full access can be granted key cards while others can request permission via the intercom system.

Compliment Surveillance Systems 

Intercom systems add value to surveillance systems. Once you have a visual of a problem, you can quickly communicate to the individual or others to resolve or manage the situation. For instance, you can warn a non-credentialed employee to leave a particular area, or provide verbal instructions in an emergency based on the visual information provided via the video surveillance system. 

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