Low and High-tech Security Solutions for Schools

Low and High-tech Security Solutions

Schools today have critical security needs and often, limited budgets. Physical security measures can prevent things like unauthorized entry, vandalism, bullying, violence, and more. Fortunately, educational security needs can be met with both low and high-tech solutions.

Low and High-tech Security Solutions for Schools

Here are eight low- and high-tech ways to bolster protection outside the facility:

  • Fences, gates and other obstacles such as curved driveways or bollards may prevent a vehicle from entering or traveling at a high rate of speed toward the building.
  • Natural access control in the way of landscaping, including trees, bushes, or planters carefully placed to prevent hiding spots add deterrence value.
  • Stairways slow direct access from vehicles or people on foot. Path lighting, as well as clearly identified footpaths to the front entrance of the facility prevent visitors from wandering and distinguish public areas from private spaces.
  • Signs and placards strategically placed notify visitors that the premises are under security detection and surveillance.
  • High-intensity and motion-triggered lighting at entrances or exits and especially in multi-level parking areas and spaces add illumination and eliminate covert areas.
  • Parking facilities or campus thoroughfares equipped with emergency communication and flashing strobe lights and other visual indicators can be used to initiate two-way communication with call centers or emergency personnel during duress situations.
  • Gated entry systems, electronic access control, intercoms, as well as badges or other identification for employees, visitors and temporary construction workers yield additional safeguards and accountability.
  • Surveillance cameras and analytics integrated with access control or motion detectors trigger immediate notification to smartphones or email of a potential event, sending real-time video to staff or responding authorities.

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