Managed Video Surveillance | Cloud Adoption and Economics of Scale in Manufacturing

Managed Video Surveillance

It's no secret that moving security processes to the cloud can improve the cost-effectiveness of security. Is the same true of video surveillance? Managed video surveillance is a cloud-based video surveillance solution that typically includes recording, storage, remote viewing, management alerts, cyber security, and end-to-end support. From system monitoring, performance optimization, and problem diagnosis, to remote resolution where possible, it offers a complete solution. Here’s the case for it’s cost-effectiveness. 

Managed Video Surveillance offers manufacturing facilities a substantial economy of scale. Here are the top things contributing to the lower cost of ownership.

Lower Initial Investment

With a reduced need for onsite equipment, facilities can deploy a comprehensive video surveillance system with a lower initial investment. 

Optimally Utilized Hardware

In managed video surveillance, multiple facilities share the infrastructure and its cost so the hardware is more fully utilized. 

Decreased Power Costs

Since the hardware servers are more fully utilized, they are not idle or wasting energy and money. 

Reduced IT Staffing Cost

The costs associated with having additional IT personnel including salary and other employment costs is most typically greater than the hardware and software costs. With the provider managing the service it is much more cost effective than having in-house staff. It also frees the IT staff for other valuable tasks. 

Increased Reliability 

Managed video surveillance utilizes powerful software that detects and protects against failures. Often when failures are detected, they can be resolved remotely before you even realize there was a problem. The system is also regularly updated for optimized performance. 

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