Video Surveillance Enforces

How Intelligent Video Surveillance Enforces PPE Policies Within Manufacturing

While employees in manufacturing facilities have always faced hazards pertaining to health and safety, new hazards related to disease transmission has come to light since the onset of COVID-19 earlier this year.

As facilities continue to evaluate health risks and develop revised policies surrounding personal protective equipment (PPE), strategies surrounding how these policies will be enforced has become a growing concern.

Reviewing and monitoring PPE compliance policies are not only something that takes time, but it isn’t a foolproof solution to mitigating the spread of illness. 

Video Surveillance Enforces PPE Requirements

Health authorities suggest that employers take steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by enforcing and even providing a face covering to all employees and visitors.

While facility managers can issue facemasks or can approve employees’ supplied cloth face coverings in the event of shortages, managers cannot be everywhere at once to enforce the use of masks.

Employees can rely on the honor system or mutual accountability to ensure compliance - but this method of enforcement in itself can become tricky. 

Leveraging Intelligent Video Surveillance Enforces & Analytics

This is where the application of video surveillance enforces for viewing footage in real-time to identify when employees and guests are following your facility’s new safety requirements surrounding PPE can be leveraged.

Intelligent video systems can identify the proper use of face coverings by detecting and alerting managers to the presence or absence of face coverings in realtime. 

These video systems have the ability to apply specialized attribute filters to search and identify Video Surveillance Enforces PPE usage across a specified visual field. Real-time alerts on Video Surveillance Enforces PPE usage can be delivered as notifications to a workstation, screening officer, or mobile device and can also be tracked on customizable dashboards.

This kind of surveillance application can enable employers to remotely monitor and measure face-covering compliance over time and even by location.  

What About Privacy?

While there are growing concerns surrounding privacy - specifically when it comes to matters of health, these intelligent video surveillance systems are privacy-friendly because no personally identifiable information needs to be collected or stored - or it would only be accessible by authorized personnel.

The intelligent data captured from these surveillance systems can aid manufacturing employers in understanding face mask compliance and provide metrics to aid in the development of informed policies and procedures so that focused improvements in compliance can be carried out. 

We Help You Navigate New Security Applications

Manufacturing facilities are an integral part of the United States’ supply chain. As waves of COVID-19 cases pop up across the nation, manufacturing facilities will need to navigate how to effectively enforce PPE requirements in order to continue their operations.

At SSP, we will help you design, engineer, and install a solution that ensures that employees and visitors in your facilities are complying with your requirements for PPE. 

If you have questions about whether it’s time to upgrade or calibrate your video surveillance system to help enforce your new PPE policies, call SSP today at 888-540-0175.