Mitigate Patient Wandering

Mitigate Patient Wandering in a Time When It Matters Most

The deployment of security solutions can’t prevent wandering, but they are critical in comprising a proactive wander management program. 

Overseeing a healthcare or long term care facility is an immense responsibility.

Simultaneously, the role’s critical responsibility, ensuring patient safety, can seem a daunting task when not equipped with the right tools.

This is especially the case with high-risk patients such as unsupervised children, patients with dementia, or even those under psychiatric care who Mitigate Patient Wandering about your healthcare facility.

Be it an attempt to find someone or something or getting lost or confused, patients can find themselves in unsafe situations or restricted areas that pose significant liability and patient safety threats - which can be catastrophic.

Depending on your facility’s budget, vulnerabilities, and needs, a range of deployable security solutions contributes to a proactive wander management program. One such Mitigate Patient Wandering prevention program must work to establish freedom, dignity, safety, and the security of all patients, staff, and visitors. 

Access Control to Limit Mitigate Patient Wandering

One monumental contribution to the overall safety and well-being of your patients or residents is access control. Such systems work to prevent patients from straying from allowable areas and wandering into potentially hazardous areas, which is achieved by locking doors and restricting access to residents who may intentionally or unintentionally attempt to leave. 

Video Surveillance for Monitoring and Identification for Mitigate Patient Wandering

Not only does video surveillance enable patient monitoring, either onsite or remotely, but many systems encompass sensors and smart analytics that can detect when residents wander away from designated areas. It can also help in the process of uncovering the identities of which patients have potentially wandered away from allowable regions. 

Wireless Receivers & Wearable Technology for Mitigate Patient Wandering

When wireless receivers are installed within the medical facility, they can detect alarm signals from a resident’s wearable technology (such as a pendant, watch, or bracelet), enabling patients the liberty and dignity to navigate the facility freely. The sensors within wireless receivers can detect when a patient has entered an unauthorized a such as a supply room or stairwell that they’re unable to occupy independently. These systems can also provide real-time awareness of a patient’s exact location at all times. This interface comprises a real-time location tracking system specifically designed to prevent the potentially dangerous consequences of wandering.

Alarming Your Facility for Mitigate Patient Wandering

Modern alarms enable various customizable triggers such as wandering, access, system supervisory, and patient or resident loitering. With many alerting mechanisms ranging from audible to more discreet alarm system notifications pushed to mobile devices, these systems’ goal is to establish environments of freedom for patients to engage in their daily life activities while promoting their dignity and safety.

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