How choosing the right video Intercoms will enhance your video surveillance system

video surveillance system

Video Intercoms are fixtures in most commercial, healthcare, school, and multi-family facilities in today’s time. We want to highlight how choosing the correct intercom can add additional benefit to your video surveillance system.

Video Surveillance System

The number one benefit is recording the video footage from the intercom on your video surveillance system. These intercoms are typically located in the main entrances, delivery doors, and entrances to internal secure areas. Most video intercoms now have HD or better video quality. This is the perfect opportunity to record facial footage of who is accessing the facility. By choosing a video intercom that integrates with the existing video surveillance system, you can enable viewing of live and recorded video from the intercom.


Additional benefits may include..

Door release from the video surveillance user interface – this will allow you to operate the unlock functions from the video intercom and reduce the need for an additional software or hardware station.

Two-way audio from the video surveillance user interface – this will allow you to utilize your existing video surveillance interface (desktop and mobile device) to talk with the visitor without the need for additional hardware at the receiving station.

SSP Recommendations:

For applications where integrating to Avigilon ACC, the Avigilon intercom is an obvious choice. This will allow you to interface directly from the Avigilon ACC client as well as the mobile client, with the remote unlock feature. The 3mp camera built in provides high quality live and recorded images.

For applications demanding the highest quality of audio, Zenitel is a great choice. Models are available for all applications including indoor, outdoor, and the harshest of environments. These IP intercoms can easily be integrated into your existing communication systems utilizing SIP or managed stand-alone on your network.

For installations where budget is of concern, Aiphone makes quality audio/video intercom solution with both networked and stand-alone peer to peer systems.


At SSP, our recommendations is to consider how your video intercom and video surveillance systems can integrate prior to making a decision on which makes/models will be the best fit.


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