Security Solutions for Multi-Tenant Properties

Best Security Solutions for Multi-Tenant Properties

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A multi-tenant property is one where there are two or more tenants and includes retail, industrial, offices, condominiums, or apartments. It seems pretty simple, right? When it comes to security, however, it could not be more complex. Find the best Security Solutions for Multi-Tenant Properties.

Wherever there is a building with more than one tenant, there will be a multitude of varying security concerns. Tenants all have their own interests and safety practices or a lack of security practices. Different businesses will have different assets, varying hours, different levels of traffic requiring different levels of access, and a wide array of other challenges. Residential buildings, too, face security challenges where the security of one space may impact another. Reports show that property crimes of all types, including violent crime, are rising in multi-tenant property situations, making security a huge priority for these properties. So find the Best Security Solutions for Multi-Tenant Properties.

Solving Security Challenges 

While it is ideal to install a comprehensive security system during the initial stages of building construction, it does not always happen that way. When acquiring space, renters may run into old, inefficient, or disparate security systems. To ensure your security system is cohesive and efficient, you should involve your security systems provider during the initial design phase for the new system. This will help make sure your current space is protected during the construction phase, and that all components will work seamlessly once completed. If that is not possible, work with a highly experienced security integrator to upgrade and integrate a system that provides the highest level of security to the existing space.

Top Security Solutions for Multi-Tenant Properties

The most effective security needs leadership. Whether you are an owner, manager, or rent a commercial space, work with a seasoned integrator to implement the most effective solutions. Here are the top solutions.

Security Solutions for Multi-Tenant Properties Cloud-based Access Control 

No matter how the facility is situated in a multi-tenant facility, as a tenant, it is important to secure the space properly, allowing authorized people in while restricting unauthorized individuals to pubic spaces. At the same time, access control can provide different levels of access to employees and create an audit trail.

Security Solutions for Multi-Tenant Properties Video Surveillance 

Video surveillance provides an immediate view of your facility for safety and security, positive identification, crime deterrence, a record of activity, and more. Services such as 24/7 monitoring and live call-down serve as an active guarding solution. When layered with analytics, video surveillance can become an even more powerful tool in things such as measuring occupancy, detecting elevated temperatures, providing heat maps, and recording dwell times. 

Security Solutions for Multi-Tenant Properties Intrusion Detection

Every business has desirable assets, including client or customer information. Intrusion detection stops intruders at the perimeter and provides the earliest possible warning that someone is trying to access your property. 

Security Solutions for Multi-Tenant Properties Gate and Telephone Entry

Robust communications with intercoms or telephone entry add another layer of security to multi-tenant facilities. These systems allow you to see and communicate with visitors so that you can confidently and safely grant access. 

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