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Integrated Physical Security

In today’s technology-driven society, most businesses place a high priority on cybersecurity, and justifiably so. However, the importance of cybersecurity does not diminish the need or the importance of integrated physical security. In reality, digital assets only increase the need for comprehensive physical security.

What is Integrated Physical Security?

Integrated Physical security includes the measures involved in protecting people, property, and assets from actions or events such as intrusion, theft, fire, and vandalism. Physical security issues are addressed with Integrated physical security systems, devices, and measures such as video surveillance, access control, motion detection, smoke and fire detection, and more. Integrated Physical security systems work together to:

  • Control access to spaces and resources
  • Deter potential threats
  • Detect suspicious behaviors
  • Detect active threats
  • Respond to threats
  • Ensure the safety of employees, visitors, and assets

Why Should You Prioritize Integrated Physical Security

The reasons for prioritizing integrated physical security are many and include some obvious and lesser-known advantages. 

  • You can better manage threats to your organization
  • It provides the occupants better protection from emergencies and risks
  • Systems protect the business from risks like vandalism, theft, workplace violence,  and fraud. 
  • It provides increased business intelligence. 
  • Physical security improves cybersecurity by limiting access to areas using or storing computers or data rooms.
  • Implementing integrated physical security can help sve money by preventing unnecessary losses from eating into your budget. 

Top Tips to Improve Integrated Physical Security in the Corporate or Commercial Environment

Integrated Physical security solutions are integral to the success of every corporate business no matter the type, size, or location. Properly securing any office to help mitigate and reduce threats requires understanding key physical security tips. 

  1. Assess your needs. Integrated Physical security technologies are vast and include many capabilities. By understanding your needs, it is possible to specifically address them with the proper range of technologies. 
  2. Define desired outcomes. To get the most value from your physical security spend, clearly identify the desired outcomes, whether it is compliance, safety, or increased awareness.
  3. Identify what problems you’d like to solve in relation to desired outcomes. If increased safety is the desired outcome for example, what elements are contributing to decreased security? 
  4. Communicate with a physical security professional. A security professional has the expertise to assess your facility and factor in client needs as they make recommendations. This level of communication and collaboration will ensure that you have the best technologies in place to meet your needs. 
  5.  Know that effective security depends on more than your security technologies. Elements such as lighting, environmental design, and operational inefficiencies all contribute to the effectiveness of security implementation. For highly efficient security, develop a full physical security program.
  6. Talk to your physical security specialist about challenges that lie outside of security. Today’s physical security solutions do more than provide security.  The right technologies can provide valuable services such as satisfying compliance and providing audit trails or environmental monitoring. 

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