SSP Uses Video Surveillance to Prevent Kites in Jail

SSP recently completed a video surveillance project to provide additional security to a jail complex. The jail has been experiencing issues with "kites," which are objects that inmates tie to strings and throw out of windows for accomplices to attach contraband to. This facility, like many others of its kind, does not have a physical barrier protecting the perimeter.

SSP consulted with the client to design a solution that would proactively alert security officers in the security operations center (SOC) of potential kite activity.

Using analytics, SSP created a digital intrusion area around the exposed perimeter. Rules were then created to alert those monitoring in the SOC, of any activity around the perimeter, bringing the focus of attention to potential threats. Additionally, the design includes multiple multi-sensors and PTZs (pan-tilt-zoom cameras) strategically placed to provide visibility to all perimeter areas.

The result is the ability to proactively respond to these threats and reduce contraband entering the facility due to kites. SSP has extensive knowledge and experience of designing, installing, and servicing video surveillance, and analytics to create a proactive security environment.

How Does This Work?

The analytics solution uses a combination of motion detection, object detection, and rule-based alerts to identify potential malicious activity. When an object is detected moving in the digital intrusion area, the analytics software analyzes the object's movement to determine a potential threat, and an alert is sent to the SOC.

The SOC can then view the live video feed from the cameras in the area to confirm the presence of malicious activity and take appropriate action. This could include reviewing other camera views to further assess the potential threat, and dispatching security officers to the area to intercept the threat and further investigate the incident.

The Benefits of This Solution

This solution has several benefits for jails and other facilities that are susceptible to kites or other malicious activity. First, it allows for proactive detection of potential threats, which can help to prevent contraband from entering the facility. Second, the solution can be customized to adapt and meet the specific needs of each facility. Third, the solution is easy to use and maintain.


SSP's video surveillance solutions are a valuable tool for jails and other facilities that are looking to improve security and prevent contraband from entering the facility. The solution is proactive, customizable, and easy to use, making it a cost-effective way to improve security.

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