The 5 Top Benefits of Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud-Based Access Control

When considering access control solutions today, business owners face a host of options including whether a traditional or cloud-based system is right to fit the organization’s  long-term security goals.

Access control technologies are rapidly advancing, largely due to wireless and cloud-based technologies. Here are 5 of the top advantages of cloud-based access control.

It’s Cost-efficient

Cloud-based access control saves money across many areas. It lowers user and IT staff workload. It also eliminates the need for additional servers or the burden on existing servers allowing the infrastructure to run more efficiently. Additionally, it frees critical staff to work on income-producing activities.

It Improves System Health

Most businesses do not have the resources for staff dedicated to system management and maintenance. Managed cloud-based systems receive updates, patches, and fixes automatically without user intervention.

It Allows Management of Multiple Sites

Cloud-based systems allow users to manage multiple sites from one platform. This means you can lock doors, grant, revoke, or restrict access to one or hundreds of locations at once.

It Provides Remote Access

Cloud-based access control allows the user/administrator to manage the system remotely

from their smartphone or another connected device. This provides the opportunity to respond in real-time to any need as well as receive event alerts.

It’s Easily Scalable

Because the systems are cloud-based, they can easily scale with the growth of the company, whether that is on-site growth or adding numerous locations, across the state or across the globe.

Today, enterprises expect their security solutions to do more than just provide security and cloud-based solutions offer the additional flexibility they need. For more information about cloud-based access control solutions, call SSP today. Headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia, we offer design, installation and service to local, regional and national clients. Call us today for more information! 1-888-540-0175.