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With the rapid advancement of comprehensive guide commercial security systems technologies, security systems have become an integral tool in business success. Today, many commercial enterprises realize that their current systems may be out of date or inadequate to serve their needs. To meet the unique needs of your facility to the best of your ability, you must first have a basic overview of what are commercial security systems and how they work. 

Comprehensive Guide What is Commercial Security?

A commercial security system is the application of robust security technologies designed specifically for commercial properties and used to mitigate risks and provide protection in the commercial environment. Commercial security is also called commercial security integration, physical security, and electronic security. 

What is the Purpose of Comprehensive Guide for Commercial Security Systems? 

The purpose of a comprehensive guide for commercial security system is to protect human life while safeguarding buildings, assets, and inventories. Because of their capabilities, the systems can also provide greater insights, increased productivity, and better operational management. 

What Are the Types of Commercial Security?

Commercial security can be categorized into four closely related and overlapping types: fire, security, access control, and monitoring. Integrated security systems combine and connect these systems which may be controlled and monitored from one point. 

What is the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Security?

While residential and commercial security both use many of the same elements such as intrusion alarms and video surveillance, and have the same purpose of protecting people and property, they are not the same thing.

Comprehensive Guide Commercial Building Security Systems

  • Need to be more robust 
  • Have additional features and capabilities
  • Provide different types of protection 
  • Account for the different hazards, large numbers of people, as well a large amount of data. 

Residential systems are not adequate security for the commercial environment. 

What Elements are Typically a Part of Commercial Security Systems?

Professionally integrated commercial alarm systems should be unique to the facility and the business's needs. Most systems will incorporate all or some of the following components. 

Security Cameras and Video Surveillance

Typically these systems will have a wide range of types of cameras including IP analog,  and styles such as bullet, dome, and PTZ, as well as features such as advanced analytics. 

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Intrusion alarm systems deter criminal activity and notify personnel of a breach. Alarms can be directly connected to locking mechanisms or triggered by certain events on the property.

Access Control

Access control systems control access and levels of access to different parts of a facility using a credentialing system with keypads, key fobs/cards, or biometrics. 

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Commercial alarm monitoring is quick and detailed communication between the security system and the central station of your security provider, which initiates appropriate action. Most people are familiar with live video surveillance monitoring, but there are many different commercial alarm monitoring types, including open doors, broken glass, fire, environmental, and elevator monitoring.

Fire and Life Safety Systems

A life-safety system includes interior building security elements designed to protect and evacuate the building population in emergencies, including fires, poisonous gas, earthquakes, and less critical events such as power failures. These systems may include smoke/heat detectors, manual pull stations, water flow detectors, fire suppression systems, Carbon Monoxide detectors, exit lighting, and more. 

Contact Sensors

Door contact sensors are installed to notify businesses when a door opens or if it’s left ajar. Some businesses may use infrared, laser, or microwave sensors for more advanced commercial building security for high-security spaces.

Gate and Telephone Entry | Comprehensive Guide

A gate or telephone entry system is a communication device that allows visitors to key in a code to speak to someone who can provide access to a property. These systems provide perimeter protection. 

Is Commercial Security Necessary?

What types of security systems are necessary and required vary by area and business type.   Most AHJs require businesses to have fire and life safety systems to protect building occupants and surrounding businesses from fire events. Some companies may have industry regulations or regulations imposed by the local, state, or federal government regarding security requirements, such as those required in the cannabis, pharmaceutical, and utility industries.

Some types of security, such as intrusion systems, may not be required but necessary to protect the business from loss.  

What are the Advantages of Commercial Security Systems  

  • Effective and reliable workplace security is vital to any business because it reduces the risk of crimes such as fire, theft, ORC, vandalism, violence, shoplifting, and fraud. 
  • Robust security systems also help reduce insurance, compensation, liabilities, and other expenses that the company must pay, ultimately leading to increased business revenue and reduced operational expenditures.
  • Aside from increased safety and security, these systems also provide increased organizational awareness, business insights, and productivity

How Do I Choose a Commercial Integrator? Comprehensive Guide for Choosing

Security system integration refers to the practice of merging physical security applications designed to protect assets or facilities against theft, sabotage, or other malevolent human attacks, into one interconnected and responsive system. Since today’s security technologies involve many constantly evolving products, features, and capabilities and these systems become increasingly enmeshed in the IoT, it is important to choose a highly-experienced commercial integrator. Here are some ways to identify the right security professional. 

  • Look at their case studies to identify similar businesses
  • Ask about their experience in dealing with businesses that share the same challenges.
  • Ask for referrals. 
  • Discuss their technology partners
  • Ask about their process for identifying your needs
  • Discuss their methods and level of communication
  • Find out what their service is like after the sale.

Comprehensive Guide Commercial Security Systems Near Me 

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