Should Educational Facilities Consider Cloud-Based Commercial Security Solutions?

Cloud-Based Commercial Security Solutions

Cultural attitudes toward physical security are changing. Where it was once seen as intimidating or invasive, today it is not only accepted, it is an expected part of providing a conducive learning environment. Campus facility managers and those charged with security have more freedom to deploy the technologies necessary to keep students and staff safe.

While cultural attitudes towards security are changing, the supply and demand side of security is changing as well and influencing security technology decisions. One of those changes is the trend toward more cloud-based commercial security solutions.

Initially, some were slow to adopt cloud-based solutions, instead preferring to “own” the deployment and the technologies associated with their operation because until very recently, this was the only option. Now, with all of the top security vendors offering cloud solutions more and more are migrating to the cloud.

Is Cloud-based Commercial Security Solutions right for your campus? Here are some reasons to consider this option.

Cloud-Based Commercial Security Solutions Helps Address the Skills Shortage

Many facilities face the problem of too few skilled employees to manage facility-wide security needs. Cloud-based commercial security solutions alleviate the need for high-level technicians operating, upgrading, and maintaining the technologies. It also provides a way for the security team to manage more ground and respond to the highest priority alerts.

Reduced On-Site Technology Need

Another huge advantage is the reduced need for and the demand on onsite resources such as servers and storage.

Automatic Product Maintenance and Upgrades

Cloud-based commercial security solutions provide automatic product upgrades and maintenance, lessening the management burden on the security team.

Swifter Deployment

One of the biggest problems educational facilities face in their security is in the deployment time, whether it is the initial deployment of the technology or the deployment of upgrades. Cloud-based commercial security solutions technologies accelerate deployment time and time to value.

Manage Multiple Sites

Whether it is one expansive site or a facility with multiple locations, having cloud-based commercial security solutions means having the ability to manage physical security, access control, and video surveillance from one place remotely from one platform. This means users can view live video, unlock doors, grant or suspend access, view activity logs and more simply and easily.

Customized Security Reports

Advanced technologies allow users to customize security alerts and reports with rules-based email and texts. This can provide alerts for immediate suspicious activity as well as an overview of security alerts so users can spot trends.

Increased Flexibility

Cloud-based commercial security solutions offer increased flexibility as users can add security capabilities unimpeded.

Simplified and Centralized Security Operations

Today, more than ever, security operations must be centralized to provide seamless security and reduce risk. However, cloud-based security solutions also enhance business operations by providing unlimited management capabilities and facility insight.

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