Top Security Concerns for Industrial Assets?

Top Security Concerns

Industrial assets have always had specialized security needs but in this post 9/11 society, the needs are more urgent than ever. One of the top priorities for any manufacturing operation is maintaining tight, 24/7 Top security Concerns over every aspect of operations. Just as the threats are growing and changing, security systems implementation and practices must also evolve.

Top Security Concerns for Industrial Assets?

The Need

Today, manufacturing companies of all types have an urgent need to properly address their overall security needs. In addition to the need for protecting workers in the plant, they must also consider the protection of people living in the surrounding community, as well as the protection of intellectual property and physical assets. For many facilities, a physical breach could have lasting repercussions for those outside of the facility. Because of this, manufacturing facilities require a physical Top Security Concerns solution that integrates multiple technologies, such as sophisticated access control, video surveillance, and environmental monitoring.

What Are the Threats to Manufacturing Facilities

The manufacturing sector faces many security challenges. The global economy not only imposes increasing competitive demands but also drives increased insurance and regulatory requirements regarding safety and security.

Traditionally, companies have been focused on safety and productivity. Now they must consider sophisticated threat scenarios such as workplace threats, violence, theft, pilferage, counterfeiting, sabotage, terrorist attacks, trespassing, activist disruption, vandalism, and contamination, just to name a few.  

What Should Your Physical Top Security Concerns Requirements Include?

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, an effective plant security system serves three vital functions:

  • Detection (discovering or sensing adversary action),
  • Delay (impediment to adversary progress),
  • Response by security personnel to ensure a threat is neutralized.

Examples of traditional protective tactics include increasing security patrols, strengthening fences, installing better locks on doors, relocating sensitive processes within the facility, installing intruder detection systems and alarms, and performing background checks on employees.

Physical Security Integration Provides a Unified Front

Physical security technologies are not new to the manufacturing and industrial sector. However, the integration of robust technologies such as video surveillance, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, and command centers, to form one seamless security tool is far newer. The integration and unification of security technologies provide a way to protect all the assets and address security concerns immediately and holistically.  

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