Top Tips For Improving School Safety and Security

Improving School Safety and Security

School Security and safety is a top priority for any school administrator. Campuses today face many security challenges and serious threats. Today we must anticipate danger and avert it at the perimeter to keep our students safe. The Partner for Safer Schools (PASS) is a non-profit group of law enforcement, education, and industry experts who work together to develop policies, procedures, and recommendations to improve school safety and security.

PASS recommends that schools use these best practices to implement a layered or tiered approach to school safety and security. The layered approach uses successive obstacles that will deter, detect, or delay adversarial behaviors. 

Top Tips For Improving School Safety and Security

Here are some of the most beneficial technologies and practices:

  • Implementing a secured, gated, perimeter
  • The use of video surveillance at the perimeter, on grounds, and indoors
  • Use telephone/intercom and access control entry at critical doors/entry points
  • The use of integrated security, including fire, access control, and Intrusion detection
  • Implement a mass notification and public address system
  • Law enforcement, school, and district-wide communication
  • The use of duress button systems in offices and classrooms

The more security measures a school implements, the greater the level of security. Schools, however, must still have a comprehensive plan for supporting an all-hazards response to threats. To do this, PASS recommends schools develop an emergency response team. This team should receive comprehensive training on how to respond during an emergency situation. 

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