Small Business Doesn’t Mean Small Security

Small Business

Many businesses set aside a significant budget for cybersecurity measures—and rightly so— focused on firewalls and encryption software to guard against hackers and other online threats. But they do so while neglecting an equally important concern— that of physical security.

For the small and medium business, physical security is just as crucial as cybersecurity.  Here’s why.

You Need to Protect IT Equipment

Smaller companies may be at a greater risk of physical theft of IT equipment because the value of the equipment plus the data value gives the thieves a dual motivation.

Thieves Believe You Have Gaps in Security

Thieves also assume that small business are less likely to have physical security measures in place, and they are probably right.

Smaller Businesses Are Typically Open

While large corporations are more likely to be closed to the public and be well-secured with access control, small and medium businesses typically provide more open access and therefore are more vulnerable to crimes.

A Loss Does Not Have to be Big to be HUGE

Loss is a big deal to any size business but for small business, a loss does not have to be big to create huge problems. Physical security measures help protect against loss on every level, such as the loss of productivity or product, or fraudulent claims.

So, How Can Small Businesses Protect Themselves in a Big Way?

The answer is: focus on the basics. Security breaches and threats are not usually the elaborate affairs depicted in the movies, and today’s security technologies are far more sophisticated than even the most skilled criminal.

The best approach is to opt in to complete, managed, cloud-based systems that include:  

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection

These security measures can be implemented by any size business affordably and can offer benefits additional to security, including:

  • Increased situational awareness
  • Improved processes
  • Increased productivity
  • A more positive work environment

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