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Why Commercial Businesses Need Access Control More Than Ever

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There is no question that “business as usual” has changed. Due to the lasting impact of the pandemic, the logistics of how, when, and where people work have shifted dramatically over the last two years. Even though the world has to a great degree normalized, the public now associates reducing physical security risks and health risks as adjacent goals that can and should be met using security technologies such as access control. Today, access control plays an unexpected but highly important role in navigating new challenges, meeting expectations, increasing safety, and more. 

New Challenges In Commercial Businesses

Recognizing that workplaces are prime locations for viruses to spread, many businesses are assessing their risks, and adopting new practices and technologies to mitigate them. 

Some of these risks include:

  • Adaptive work schedules that may extend or change operating hours
  • Employees coming to the office at irregular hours
  • The need to reduce highly touched surfaces
  • A need to track movement
  • The increased importance of keeping some areas off-limits

Mitigating Risks In Commercial Businesses

The pandemic highlighted the speed and ease of viral transmission. This places an enormous responsibility on every business to consider the mitigation of future bio-risks in their security technology plans. Organizations need to transcend thinking of security technologies as protecting employees and Commercial businesses from risks such as intrusion, theft, vandalism, and violence and include the reduction of bio-threats and viral spread. 

Risk reduction practices and measures include:

  • Implementing touchless security measures such as smart cards or mobile credentials
  • Strickly control access to non-patron spaces
  • Monitor access for seamless exposure tracking

The pandemic showed that business operations can be upended in a matter of days. It also showed the importance of system scalability and flexibility in the need to adapt to operational, staffing, and budget changes. 

Access control is the lynchpin of effective security. From card access to the latest biometrics, including fingerprint, smart card technology, and mobile credentials, SSP designs solutions to meet the complex needs of today and grow with you in the future. 

SSP Serves the Commercial Business Sector

SSP offers best-in-class service and custom solutions to meet the unique needs of clients in the commercial business vertical. Our solutions are scalable and can grow with you as necessary, and never lock you into proprietary systems that are cumbersome and without the ability to expand. The SSP Service Excellence program is top in its class, delivering the industry’s most complete after installation support.

At SSP, we listen, we innovate, we inform, and we stay with you every step of the way.

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