Why You Need a Commercial Security Systems Upgrade in Retail

Commercial Security Systems

There is a stark truth about commercial businesses. If your company has valuable stock, retail goods, or anything else of value to thieves, it will become a target of attempted theft. In fact, around $43 billion is currently lost to retail theft each year in the United States alone.

And dealing with crimes gets complicated. 

Unfortunately, statistics only tell part of a story. Wrapped up in that $43 billion in losses are traceable decisions made by commercial businesses with few recourses that make committing a crime easier. Because of safety concerns and resulting liability issues, aggressive in-store policing is a losing proposition. 

This makes having the functionality of the latest security technologies even more important. 


Top Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Your Commercial Security System

Having commercial security systems in place is crucial to any modern business. Here are some top reasons why. 

Commercial Security Systems Benefit From the Latest Technology

Security technologies advance rapidly. While your system may be fully functional, it may not have the advantage of recent advances that can help detect and deter crime. Things like advanced video analytics can help identify suspicious behavior. 

Commercial Security Systems Improved Access and Control

Newer technologies provide streamlined remote access and control over your security system devices. Having the ability to control systems remotely means you can respond to events quickly and accurately, such as revoking or granting credentials, viewing video footage, and more. 

Commercial Security Systems Improved Video Storage 

Newer systems allow you to store more high-quality footage longer and easily access exactly what you need. 

Commercial Security Systems Reduced Theft

Since face-to-face intervention can increase risks to customers and employees, deterrence is even more critical. Visible, rugged, and prevalent video surveillance technologies make attempting theft difficult, whether it is employee theft or shoplifting. 

Commercial Security Systems Improved Management Data

Beyond security, modern commercial security systems add tremendous value by providing management data that can help cut costs and drive sales. 

Commercial Security Integration In Georgia

Any good security integrator's goal is total customer satisfaction with a job completed as promised. That satisfaction requires a good fit between the commercial company and the integrator. SSP works hard to form partnerships and build security programs that improve security, operational efficiency, and lower costs.


Commercial Security System Integrators Near Me 

SSP serves the state of Georgia and offers best-in-class service and custom solutions to meet your commercial vertical market and discipline needs. Our solutions are scalable and can grow with you, and never lock you into proprietary systems. If you are looking for a commercial security company in Georgia, look no further. SSP is here to serve you. Call SSP today. 1-888-540-0175