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Manufacturers: Antivirus Won’t Prevent a Physical Breach.

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While cybersecurity is an important consideration in manufacturing security, physical security must remain a priority. Why? Because even as cyber threats rise, so do physical ones, and without appropriate attention to each, your facility is at risk. 

Physical security is of heightened importance in the manufacturing industry because it protects people and physical assets and protects intellectual property and all the proprietary information stored within computer systems. As these facilities become increasingly connected, they must take a comprehensive approach to physical security. 

Here are the Top Physical Security Concerns To Prevent a Physical Breach


Tailgating happens when an unauthorized person follows an authorized one into a secure area. This generally happens in highly trafficked areas, and the person in front will use their credentials to open the door, and others simply follow behind. 

Social Engineering Attacks

Closely related but often explicitly used with malicious intent is social engineering. This method comes in various forms but involves manipulating employees to gain access to an area or information. Typically the perpetrator will impersonate someone with authority or access or abuse human empathy to gain access. For example, a perpetrator will seem incapacitated in some way, such as having both hands filled holding drinks. The employee believes the person is delivering the drinks and helps them open the door to a secure area. 

Unaccounted Visitors

Unaccounted visitors pose a serious risk as they are challenging to trace should an incident occur. Using access control and visitor passes allows you to track visitor whereabouts throughout the facility. 


Manufacturing facilities are also at risk of sabotage. Sometimes this comes from disgruntled employees. Other times it happens with more serious intent, such as to cause sickness or damage a supply chain. 


Theft is a significant issue in manufacturing and can happen in many ways. Commonly, high-value items inside a facility draw thieves. However, every facility is also at risk of internal theft, which occurs with regularity.


Another risk manufacturers face is espionage or obtaining information, recording pictures, or copying descriptions of any information relating to a company’s secret or proprietary information. Believe it or not, espionage is big business, especially in manufacturing. 

Overwhelmed Security Personnel

Security operations in a manufacturing facility can be very complex. As a result, security operations personnel can get overwhelmed signals. This leads to alarm or signal fatigue, inattentiveness, and delays in response. 

What You Can Do To Improve Manufacturing Security for Manufacturers

  • Get a professional security audit to identify areas of weakness
  • Connect with a security provider that specializes in manufacturing facilities
  • Implement an integrated system to improve security, reduce inefficiencies, and reduce alarm fatigue
  • Train staff on security practices 

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