Touchless Access Control

Touchless Access Control Could Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

As COVID-19 cases have surged across the U.S., spread of the novel virus pushes awareness for hygiene concerns within manufacturing and distribution 

Reopening your facility with confidence may need to include going touchless with your access control system. Minimizing the spread of germs has never been more imperative and now may be the best time to consider upgrading. Traditionally, access control has served facilities and businesses across the nation in ensuring the security of people and assets. Upgrading your access control keys, keypads, and card swipes with innovative touchless solutions will secure your facility with health and safety at the forefront.

Traditional Contact Access Control is No Longer Enough

As COVID-19 cases have once again surged across the U.S., the spread of the novel virus has pushed an awareness for hygiene concerns pertaining to contact with frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, keypads, contact biometrics, and telephone entry systems. While these systems are traditionally effective in securing facilities, they’ve now raised concerns for increased viral contamination and spread because these systems involve touching.

Touchless Access and Entry

Given most manufacturing facilities and distribution plants have a high volume of personnel coming and going from the premises each day, minimizing or even eliminating physical contact with access control hardware is top of mind for many. Luckily, there is a multitude of touchless solutions available:

Intelligent Automatic Door Control: When automatic doors are paired with an access control system, they can significantly diminish the transmission of viral contagions because they eliminate the contact with a door handle needed to open a door once unlocked.

Bluetooth Readers:  The user simply waves the Bluetooth enabled device in front of a touchless Bluetooth reader in order to gain entry.

Card or Fob Readers: As with a touchless Bluetooth option, the user waves their badge or fob in front of a touchless reader in order to gain entry.

Touchless Biometrics: Facial recognition or retina scanning biometric access control technology can provide touchless access to facilities with high-level security needs, such as the case with manufacturing and distribution. Many of these systems are seeing the addition of thermal scanning sensors to measure elevated body temperatures as well. 

Is Touchless Access Control Right For You?

As we’ve all worked to navigate solutions during the current COVID-19 crisis, SSP Security Solutions is here to provide you with the best-in-class service and solutions that meet your facility’s unique needs. To decide if touchless access control is the right move for you, give us a call to speak with an expert today. 

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