Manufacturing Security System Malfunctions

Manufacturing Security System Malfunctions Can Be Catastrophic | Why You Need Security System Preventative Maintenance

An emotionally charged argument begins in the parking lot of your facility. One of the parties comes inside the facility while the other appears to leave.

Instead of leaving, the other party parks their car and retrieves a weapon from the trunk, and attempts to enter the facility. Luckily, staff was alerted to the conflict through video surveillance and monitoring and the situation was immediately and appropriately handled. 

You took the proper measures before the event by instituting a security system consisting of security cameras, motion sensors, and alarms to inform you and your staff of such events. But what if the system had not been working properly? The scenario would end quite differently.

Manufacturing Security System Malfunctions It Can’t Be Ignored

Manufacturing facilities are notoriously dangerous places with many moving parts that require a functioning security system to maintain employee safety and continued operations.

Most manufacturing facilities utilize a wide array of security systems to monitor critical environmental factors and to prevent things like tampering, loitering, violence, intrusion, and theft.

Think about your products or equipment that are environmentally sensitive to factors such as air quality, temperature, or that are light-sensitive. What about the functioning of your manufacturing machinery or equipment?

Well-maintained and serviced security systems can ensure that your production efforts are as effective and efficient as possible. But what happens when something malfunctions?

How will you be notified, and how much time and money are you losing when operations are stalled? 

In any facility that needs protection, we can never forget the importance of systems preventative maintenance.

Most campuses have high use and high occupancy for many hours of the day and night, with a great number of them operational all year long.

Access control, video surveillance, intrusion, fire, and communication systems exist to keep staff and other occupants safe from harm and the buildings operational.

These systems, however, are comprised of many delicate components that could eventually fail without care and security staff and occupants would not know which could be disastrous in the event of an emergency such as fire or security breach. 

Preventative maintenance ensures the systems and equipment are in top working order so they do their job when it matters most. 

Just like cell phones or computers, all security technology needs updating and regular maintenance to prevent system failures. At SSP, we are proud to offer systems preventative maintenance to our manufacturing and distribution customers. 

How Does Preventative Maintenance Work for Manufacturing Security System Malfunctions?

Systems Inspections identify potential issues and repair prior to failure. As part of our Service Excellence Program, sophisticated, high-tech electronics receive ongoing attention preventing failure and ensuring sensitive equipment achieves maximum uptime so your staff can focus on core responsibilities.

With our specially tailored after-installation service and support plans, you’re assured any system discrepancies will be addressed quickly, many times remotely, and often without you even knowing there was a potential issue.

Preventative Maintenance for Manufacturing Security System Malfunctions Includes:

  • Visual and functional test of all devices to verify performance
  • Clean and perform routine maintenance of system devices to maximize the life cycle
  • Update software to the latest versions to utilize the latest features and security
  • Routine test of power supplies and replacement of rechargeable batteries to prevent damage resulting from overcharging or exploding batteries 

Why Is Preventative Maintenance Valuable For Manufacturing Security System Malfunctions?

A robust security system is vital to the functioning and continued operation of any manufacturing facility.

With preventative maintenance, you’ll always know your facility’s security devices, software, or network components are performing to capability to secure your school property. 

Both onsite and remote service providers perform a variety of functions, including installing new or updated software (such as updates, patches, or custom configurations), observe managed device and software behaviors for diagnostic tasks and performance, and install and configure devices such as video cameras, sensors, or access control devices. Additionally, physical tasks such as cleaning the system and testing or replacing power supplies help maintain compliance required by your authority having jurisdiction. 

What are the advantages Preventative Maintenance for Manufacturing Security System Malfunctions Includes?

  • Reduce systems downtime with preventative maintenance of systems
  • Check performance metrics such as CPU and RAM usage of servers and computers
  • Monitor system health status
  • Assess, document, and eliminate potential threats to systems failures
  • Monitor custom web application functionality
  • Reduce risks
  • Save money

We want to help you learn more about how preventative maintenance could be the solution to help you monitor and maintain your security systems so that you’re getting the most value for your investment.

At SSP, we listen, we innovate, we inform, and we stay with you every step of the way.

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