Manufacturing Security Multi-Layered Approach

Manufacturing Security: Multi-Layered Approach

Manufacturing and distribution facilities are packed with heavy machinery, thousands of moving parts, and valuable assets - increasing the chances of severe or fatal accidents and crimes.

This makes them extremely vulnerable targets when not secured with the leading innovative solutions. When it comes to protecting these facilities and their assets, a holistic, multi-layered approach should always be implemented.

Multiple defense layers in the forms of procedural, physical, and integrated solutions are best suited for mitigating security threats.

By the end of this article, you’ll better grasp how a multi-layered security approach culminates with an integrated security platform that ties your manufacturing security plan together to help administrators adapt quickly to potential emergencies.

Manufacturing Security Multi-Layered Approach

Procedural Security

Facility administration and employees must be trained annually and understand all health, safety, and security procedures and facility plans. Taking the time to assess threats specific to the facility can better inform a contingency plan for safe operations. All employees and administration should always be aware of emergency procedures. These procedures should include who is responsible for what and when, who has access to what and when, and who is responsible for making critical decisions in a security event. Having a contingency plan with specific steps and strict response procedures can allow the facility to react smoothly during a disruptive security event.

Physical Security

Generally speaking, most manufacturing and distribution facilities have security systems and devices that include perimeter security, intrusion and access control, fire and life safety, and video surveillance systems. Individually, each of these measures serves a unique purpose towards the overall security of your facility. But it is when they work together as part of the comprehensive security approach that they’re most effective. 

Security Integration

Lastly, an integrated security system platform is an excellent investment for a multi-layered security approach because the individual security measures (perimeter, intrusion, access control, video surveillance, etc.) connect to the security platform in a way that is easily controllable by appointed authorized personnel. Given the critical nature of many facilities, understanding how to maximize these systems’ effectiveness in conjunction with one another is the best way to enhance the overall quality of your plant’s security operations.  Utilizing an integrated security system platform enhances monitoring abilities,  situational awareness, fewer false alarms, and speedier response times.

 The SSP Assurance

By building a multi-layered defense, you can proactively prevent or isolate security threats to not interrupt manufacturing operations. We at SSP believe that sophisticated, high-tech security solutions function best when layered within an integrated system. 

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