Manufacturing Facility Physical Security | Top Tips for 2020

Manufacturing Facility Physical Security

All manufacturing facilities across all sectors share some common physical security and safety concerns. Not only is protecting the facility from intrusion, vandalism, sabotage, and industrial espionage high on the list of physical security priorities, so is protecting workers and area residents from harm. However, recent studies shockingly purport that the industrial sector has some of the least mature security practices and policies and lowest quality security infrastructures. 

Here are 3 ways to improve manufacturing facility physical security.

Strengthen Your First Line of Defence

Physical security is critical in manufacturing. Whether it is inventory lift or theft of intellectual property, some of the most severe damage comes from the inside. Protect assets with physical access restrictions like locks, key cards, and video surveillance. 

Take an Integrated Defense-in-Depth Strategy

No one physical security technology, product, or methodology can protect a facility alone. They aren’t individually designed or intended for this purpose. Protecting a facility requires many technologies and practices all working together. Protecting assets requires a holistic approach where each technology and approach is considering other technologies and approaches, creating a comprehensive, layered strategy. 

Create and Enforce Security Policies and Practices

Shockingly, many plants do not even have the most basic security policies in place. This leads to many preventable security failures. Develop a set of written safety and security policies and procedures including such things as who should be able to access what areas or assets, acceptable use of products and machinery, and event reporting procedures. 

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