Why You Need A Physical Security Specialist To Help Secure Your Facility

Physical Security Specialist

In our technology-driven world today, knowledge is at our fingertips. We’ve grown accustomed to doing everything fast, simply, and most importantly, on our own. Nearly everything is able to be researched, lessening and even removing the need for assistance from subject matter experts in many areas of our lives. However, this mindset has infiltrated the physical security landscape much to the detriment of attaining actual comprehensive security.

No matter the vertical, whether it is education, healthcare, utilities, manufacturing, or corporate offices, the need for physical security is great. While DIY security seems like a doable proposition, it can lead to big problems down the line. Here’s why.

Conducting a Risk Assessment Requires Physical Security Specialist 

Is a DIY security and risk assessment something a business can do? Maybe. But chances are that a physical security specialist will see things you do no and draws from a larger reservoir of knowledge. Someone in the industry can spot your risks, knows the risks others face in the same industry and area, and the most appropriate technology to address those risks. It is best to work with the physical security specialist to provide your deep insider knowledge with theirs to develop a commercial security system that meets the need.

It is Difficult to Keep Up with the Technologies

As an expert in your industry, you likely do not have time to be expert in security technologies as well, so discerning one security system option over another is a huge task. Probably an impossible task. Security technologies and the related software products are always advancing, with a vast array of options in everything from CCTV and intrusion detection to access control and fire alarm and life safety systems available. While you might have some idea of your security system needs, knowing which technologies are the most current, can be integrated, or will meet the needs best and within budget is a daunting task fraught with potential peril. And that is just the beginning of the knowledge needed.

You Need to Know Security Adequately to Provide Adequate Security

A physical security specialist has experience in the context of security, meaning the individual security issues of any facility and area including the threats, risks, and vulnerabilities as well as other components such as movement throughout the space and lighting. Combining their knowledge of current security technologies, they can take a broad and thorough approach to your security.  

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