Cloud-Based Security Platform

Getting Back to the Office is Safer with a Cloud-Based Security Platform

As many Americans slowly get back to the office, minimizing your employees’ risk of exposure to contagious illness is positioned as a top priority to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to keep your workplace safe. We know your company has likely implemented a series of COVID-19 prevention protocols and policies.

But have you taken the time to consider how you can utilize both existing and upgraded cloud-based security solutions to help ensure these policies are being properly followed? 

No sweat - we’ve done it for you. 

What Systems Are We Talking About?

Video monitoring services have already begun expanding to encompass services like contact tracing, temperature scanning, occupancy limitation, and social distancing monitoring when integrated as part of your access control system.

The overall benefit of recorded video apart from general monitoring of these policies is that recorded video can also be linked to important access control events pertaining to health-related authorizations for entry.

Particularly with cloud-based platforms, you can set limitations based on symptom screening, virus testing, PPE compliance, and so much more - all from one centralized location. If your system enables the use of mobile devices to interact with and manage this system, those permissions and authorizations can be easily updated at any time and from anywhere.

Let’s Be More Specific

Cloud-Based Health Screening:

Employee symptom screening and self-attestation statements are becoming a growing part of everyone’s new normal when going back to work. With a cloud-based security solution, you can efficiently and securely collect health-related information using a mobile self-screening tool, restricting access to those who may pose a threat before they even enter your company.

For instance, Brivo’s Mobile Pass can be used to identify users with COVID symptoms before they enter your building because you can enable self-screening for users by account or by specific sites. When a credentialed employee opens their Brivo app on their mobile phone at a given access point, they can be prompted to answer a health-related facility safety questionnaire.

Depending on their responses, users will only be able to access the building after completing the questionnaire and indicating that they meet health and safety guidelines laid out by your company policies. 

Space Occupation & Social Distancing:

With the right access control or video security solutions, you can automatically put limits on the number of credentialed users who have access to any given space in the office at once so as to make social distancing more feasible.

With a cloud-based platform, you can cap a particular area at a specified number of employees, or revoke that employee access to a particular room depending on occupancy or their job function.

Contact Tracing

Finally, you can utilize your cloud-based security platform to aid in contact tracing efforts, particularly if your company is on the larger size.

Access control records of commercial office properties across the United States are powerful indicators of potential content incidents.

Anonymized data feeds from a cloud-based platform can track and reveal changes in the activity of employees entering the workplace. If it is discovered that an employee may have been exposed to a contagious illness, you’ll be able to utilize your access control records to aid in the contact tracing process.

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