School Monitoring


School Monitoring Doesn’t Stop Just Because Learning Has Gone Virtual

As the second waves of the COVID-19 pandemic have ensued, many schools across the country have either maintained or reverted to virtual learning models, leaving school buildings empty for long durations of time.

Without as many staff and students on campuses, schools must rely on technology to monitor situations like leaking pipes or electrical malfunctions that could lead to an emergency situation if left unchecked.

With fewer people physically on school properties, now is the perfect time for school administrators to explore, invest, and install environmental monitoring technologies that can prevent costly emergencies and damage.

How environmental school monitoring works

Environmental monitoring aims to improve situational awareness by utilizing a combination of sensors with an automated alerting platform.

There are all kinds of sensors that can be deployed in the school environment, including motion detection, temperature, humidity, window and door sensors, and so much more.

These sensors can detect broken windows, flooding, fire, or perhaps when a freezer’s temperature drops.

When integrated with an automated alerting platform, these sensors can alert assigned individuals with detailed information about a situation as it unfolds. 

Why School Monitoring beneficial 

If there is a gas leak or a burst pipe, nobody will be on the property to notice what is happening - and they won’t know until it’s too late.

With an automated alerting platform, every key decision-maker, staff member, and emergency response personnel can be immediately alerted to the incident.

Suppose the humidity level in a server room rises above a safe level.

Perhaps a window is broken or left open during the cold winter months.

In either case, someone can be immediately alerted to the issue so that it can be remedied before costly damages and losses occur.

By implementing this technology into the existing security system, environmental monitoring technology enables schools to respond to any situation.

Be it inclement weather, a break-in, flooding, or fire, an automated alerting platform ensures any emergency that occurs is instantly noticed and addressed.

Now is the time to integrate school monitoring technology

With many schools conducting virtual learning, now is the optimal time to implement school monitoring technology. In doing so, a school is not just investing in technology, but investing in the students and staff for when they transition back to in-person learning.

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